What is a data analytics platform?

A data analytics platform is a unified solution that combines technologies to meet enterprise needs end-to-end throughout the analytics lifecycle. Traditionally, analytic environments were built using multiple discrete components that needed to be acquired, integrated and managed. By contrast, a data analytics platform provides all these capabilities in a single integrated offering.

What are the benefits of using a data analytics platform?

Data analytics platforms are attractive to businesses because they:

  • Connect data analytics platforms directly to legacy sources and business applications
  • Help reduce time spent on data preparation
  • Allow business users self-service access to data
  • Integrate data across the organization, speeding time to insight
  • Increase the return on existing tech stack investments

Why switch to a data analytics platform?

The traditional approach to building an analytics infrastructure is no longer working for many organizations. In the past, organizations relied on expensive data warehouse platforms to support business intelligence (BI) and decision support systems (DSS). Organizations typically relied on data integration solutions to extract, cleanse and aggregate data using complex ETL pipelines before loading data into the warehouse. Not only was this expensive, but it was also time-consuming as well. Each time business users also required access to new data sets, data engineering assistance was required to build and validate new pipelines. This process could take weeks or even months as busy data engineering teams worked through a backlog of requests.

Fortunately, a variety of new technologies such as optimized Parquet file formats, columnar data stores and in-memory query engines now make it possible to analyze data sets without the need for extensive data manipulation and discrete tools.

Incorta unified data analytics platform

The Incorta unified data analytics platform is a new breed of analytics platform that leverages these advances to address the challenges of traditional data warehouses and analytic environments. Incorta is a “full-stack” solution that combines data acquisition, data processing, data curation, analysis and data science tools, accessible through a single web interface. By delivering exceptional query performance, modern data analytic platforms enable business analysts, decision-makers and end users to work together and efficiently analyze large and complex data sets in real time. Unlike traditional BI solutions that have rigid data modeling requirements, are costly and have long implementation times, with Incorta organizations benefit from a dramatic reduction in cost, complexity and data engineering workload, enabling them to improve productivity and agility significantly.