Perficient Oracle EBS SCM Data App for Supply, Demand and Inventory Projection


Pre-built content for proactive inventory management for Oracle EBS


This Incorta dashboard aims to improve supply chain reliability (Fill Rate) with proactive inventory management (Days of Supply). Forward coverage is presented in a horizontal projection down to day level. This is done automatically by consolidating information from Order Management, Demand Forecast, Inventory, Purchasing and/or Manufacturing. This supply chain reporting solution enables an easy approach to recognizing and reacting to foreseeable problems in the supply chain. Benefits include answering questions like the following:

  • When is an item expected to be out of stock, and when is it expected to be replenished?
  • Which demand is at risk? Who are the impacted customers and what is the root cause of this risk?
  • Which buyers or suppliers need to be contacted to address a specific demand risk?
  • Which inventory items are anticipated to impact revenue forecasts?
  • What are the options of reducing out-of-stock scenarios? Which suppliers are involved?
  • Are there work orders that can be rescheduled or increased in volume to address anticipated shortages?
  • Is there a sourcing performance issue with a supplier or buyer?
  • Is production staying on track to keep up with the demand schedule?
  • Is production backlog late due to specific raw materials?

Sample Reports and Metrics

  • Warehouse/Plant and Item report of low Projected Days on Hand and low Projected Fill Rates
  • Horizontal weekly and daily trends of Projected Available Balance by Organization and Item
  • Daily horizontal projection of forecasted Days on Hand and Fill Rates by Item
  • Drilldown to transaction detail related to various components of the Project Available Balance, including the following types of transactions: Sales Orders, Demand Forecast, WIP jobs, and Purchase Orders.

Projected Metrics:

  • Projected Fill Rate
  • Projected Days on Hand
  • Projected Available Balance Demand Metrics:
  • Fill Rate
  • On Time Fill Rate
  • Fulfillment Backlog
  • Sales Forecast
  • Late Backlog
  • Average Days Late

Inventory Metrics:

  • Inventory Turns
  • Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO)
  • Average Inventory Value
  • Current On-Hand Quantity
  • Current On-Hand Value


  • Late Production %
  • Production Backlog
  • Past Due Production


  • Late Purchase Orders
  • Open POs
  • Late Open POs