Flexible integrations help SeaLink

Incorta empowers business users at every level to make better decisions

  • 18%

    revenue increase on one product

  • $500K

    saved in implementation costs


Outdated tools, slow performance and lack of support puts the business at risk

With 24 brands in its portfolio, SeaLink relies on accurate analysis and reporting to effectively set prices for its various products. But with so many products and data sources, the process was slow — one monthly report took over 100 hours to compile. SeaLink was using a legacy BI system that had reached its end of life and was showing signs of failure.

With support no longer available, this exposed the company to significant risk. In addition, users found the tool difficult which made them reliant on IT to get things done. And analysts didn’t have control over its configuration, making it even harder to implement logic.


A powerful analytics platform that drives value at every level

SeaLink partnered with software design and development specialists Kanerika for its Incorta implementation. The new solution gives 100 business users access to on-demand data, with sub-second drill-down across billions of records. Incorta’s built-in logic makes enriched data sets available through the SQL interface to analytical engines, short-circuiting development time. Incorta displays the output in a way that’s user friendly and intuitive. SeaLink is using this data to develop a dynamic pricing model that adapts fares according to key factors, including time of day/week/month and competitor activity.

Unlocking the ability to rapidly develop logic has made reports meaningful and accessible, giving senior decision-makers a quick and easy way to view overall performance trends and make strategic decisions. The speed and efficiency of integration also saved the company significant time and money. Kanerika worked with real-time streams of internal SeaLink data, as well as third-party data to enable a holistic view of the business that supports daily functional management and executive decision-making.

Rapid integration

Only 3 months to integrate and consolidate four separate accounting and finance systems.

3x faster total implementation time compared to estimates provided by traditional ETL tools.

AU$500K saved as a result of faster integration and implementation.

Intuitive user experience

100 users can now produce self-service reports easily, enabling more strategic decisions.

No technical skills are needed to generate reports or understand complex data — it’s accessible to users at any level of the organization.

Dynamic product classification and pricing are now possible, with Incorta putting demand data at the fingertips of operations and management teams.

Greater control and growth

Cost and budget allocation can now be done simply, driving greater operational efficiency across the board.

Multiple analytics projects are in the works which would not have been possible without Incorta as the backbone for SeaLink data.