Redcon unlocks real time insights

With Incorta, Redcon has a single source of truth for supply chain management across its entire organization.

  • +17%

    Better procurement performance

  • +49%

    Faster procurement cycles and lead time

  • +53%

    More spend under management


Disconnected data sources and manual processes

Redcon Construction uses Oracle Fusion cloud apps for enterprise resource management, with data stored in a Microsoft Azure Data Lake. To obtain business intelligence (BI) insights, they were manually extracting and tracking supply chain data using separate Excel spreadsheets for 40 running projects across various locations. With such a laborious process, generating even simple reports could take up to 60 days. And with no single source of truth, managing the company’s overall assets and resources was challenging. 

Redcon needed a way to streamline the integration between Oracle Fusion and Azure, synchronize data across both environments and access supply chain insights in real time. The company decided to implement a cloud-based BI solution to accelerate their digital transformation journey.


A single source of truth delivers real-time insights

Redcon chose Incorta to streamline Oracle Fusion and Azure Data Lake integration and synchronize data across both environments. Now, Redcon’s BI teams can access accurate, up-to-date insights at unprecedented speed. By creating a single source of organization-wide truth, the BI team has extracted 196 supply chain metrics and hundreds of time, quality and cost insights, driving significant performance improvement, reducing procurement cycles and lead times, and bringing more spend under management.

Deployment took just one month. Thanks to Incorta’s pre-defined table structure metadata, they were able to start accessing, querying and analyzing data on day one. With the successful supply chain module launch, Redcon’s BI teams are  preparing to launch Incorta for Finance and HR, too.

Accelerated insights

Before Incorta, it took up to 60 days to generate even simple reports. Now, business intelligence engineers and analysts can access up-to-date insights in real time, shaving months off the report development cycle.

Single source of truth

Using a separate Excel spreadsheet to track data for each construction project was inefficient, laborious and outdated. With Incorta, BI teams have a single source of truth to manage supply chain needs across the entire organization. 

Rapid data ingestion

Extracting complex data from various customized Oracle Fusion cloud apps was creating bottlenecks in Redcon’s operation. Incorta acts as an API between the two environments, ingesting data and making it easily and instantly accessible.