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Incorta drives operational success for university’s land and operations department with Oracle EBS integration

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    fast, university-wide insights drive real-time operations


Slow systems compromise work and reduce revenues

To keep buildings operational and safe for faculty, staff and students, the Land and Buildings Department oversees a team of technicians that staff a variety of workshops. Work orders are generated within Oracle EBS, but a manager must estimate the work hours required for completion and assign the task to a technician. The department’s previous BI solution often experienced delays as it pulled data from EBS in response to basic queries, frustrating users and slowing work down. When technicians would try to look up active work orders, they would sometimes have to wait up to 15 minutes for a response, eating into billable time and impacting the budget.


A real-time analytics platform seamlessly integrated with Oracle EBS

With the implementation of Incorta, users can see work orders and billable and non-billable work hours in seconds. When users log into EBS, the first thing they see is an Incorta dashboard, and they can seamlessly switch between Oracle transactions and Incorta analytics with a single sign-on (SSO). The SSO and the option to leverage roles and responsibilities already assigned to university users within EBS increases data security. And with the ability to click on individual work orders and make changes to its EBS transaction record (like adding hours or shifting due dates from within Incorta), users can work quickly and effectively.

More efficient operations

Real-time information access makes assignments and planning more current. With data updated every 15 minutes versus once per day, managers can better plan workloads.

Increase in productivity with reduced wait times and greater efficiency has also boosted positive user feedback.

Boosted billable hours by making work assignments more efficient and eliminating delays in viewing work orders for technicians.

Incorta for operational analytics

Infrastructure efficiency gains

Eliminated unnecessary parts of ETL and the need for a data warehouse with a seamless integration with Oracle EBS and the ability to draw data from non-Oracle applications.

Two million transactions loaded in just one hour to enable proof-of-concept analysis and access to new insights.

Single solution for multiple departments

The university’s Central IT also implemented Incorta in the Environmental Department, Development Department, and for its own team to make data-driven insights accessible across the university.