Transforming sales

Incorta equips Henkel’s sales and finance teams with real-time operational analytics.


Data delays and inflexible dashboards hinder performance

Henkel is a global leader with marquee brands across adhesive technologies, beauty and laundry/home care. Their sales and finance teams were relying on reports and dashboards to monitor business performance, track customer service levels and manage accounts receivable (AR). Henkel’s previous BI solution could only deliver data one day behind, which meant insights used for decision making were often outdated and inaccurate. This was further compounded by limited dashboards that couldn’t be customized to provide the insights the teams needed. It was also a struggle to connect to multiple data sources – something Henkel needed to do regularly. These limitations were holding the teams back from better sales performance and holding Henkel back from increased profitability. 



Instant, accurate insights through accessible dashboards

Henkel chose Incorta to consolidate data management and analytics into a single integrated platform, eliminating the need to stitch together data and manage multiple systems. From the ability to export XLSX, PDF and JPEG file formats, to full access to Excel functions and increased data refresh frequency, Incorta’s end-to-end capabilities align with Henkel’s business practices. Now, Henkel’s sales and finance teams are operating at a higher level. Sales managers can access 10 million+ records in minutes. Real-time sales performance insights have increased profitability and more efficient AR led to 75% more credit sales. They’ve even realized dramatic cost savings by identifying where distribution and sales overlap. With Incorta, Henkel is making better decisions based on better data. 

Improved business outcomes

Increased profitability through detailed sales performance monitoring, more efficient AR and reduced costs. 

Access to business data from multiple sources in near real time facilitates faster, better decision-making.

More efficient operations

Reduced outstanding AR to 12% from 40%. 

75% improvement in market credit as a result of real-time reporting. 

Greater control over dues and sales compensation as a result of more efficient general ledger transactions. 

Savings of two million Egyptian Pounds (EGP) by eliminating costly reports for better bottom-line profitability.  

Optimized sales operations

93% decrease in time to query 10 million records – from seven hours down to 30 minutes. 

Customer service-level insights accessed the ability to drill down to customer-level detail, allowing account managers to intervene faster.