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Zero Gravity 2022 Preview: A Day to Explore Cloud Data Pipeline Trends, Technologies & Best Practices

Join us at Zero Gravity on Thursday, May 26 for a full-day, live, online event bringing data architects, data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists together to go in-depth on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices for building and managing data pipelines in the cloud.

The technical visionaries who built and manage some of the world’s most robust and efficient cloud data pipelines will share their stories and best practices. You’ll hear real-world use cases from leading architects and engineers at Meta, Netflix, Comcast, and many others. 

Headliners include Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, and Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president of Azure Data at Microsoft. Both Google Cloud and Azure are Incorta Partners.

On the technical side, Meta Data Engineer Shane Collins will speak about “General Purpose vs. Purpose-Built Data Pipelines,” discussing the pros and cons of each for real-time access to different types of data for analysis. 

In his presentation, “Object Compaction in the Cloud for High Yield,” Netflix Senior Software Engineer Tejas Chopra will propose a strategy to compact small objects into larger blobs before uploading them to the cloud. He will also showcase the potential impact of such a strategy on Netflix assets in terms of cost and performance. 

In “Scaling Up Apache Airflow to Enterprise Level,” Comcast Senior BI Developer Prabha Kuppusamy will walk you through how Comcast made the transition from batch overnight reporting to refreshing data every 15 minutes by eliminating transformation and aggregation processes. She’ll also discuss how they are now able to deliver data for analysis down to the transaction-level details, while significantly reducing development time even for the most complex use cases.

In the “art of the possible” department, we’ll hear from two great innovators, Jacques Nadeau, co-creator and founding PMC chair of Apache Arrow, as well as the co-founder and former CTO of Dremio, and Matthew Halliday, Incorta co-founder and EVP of product. Together they’ll explore how to exploit generational shifts in technology to find new solutions to a number of notorious data engineering challenges.

And that’s just a handful of the great sessions on the agenda at Zero Gravity 2022.


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