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Incorta for Oracle EBS: Tune Your Business, Not Your Queries

How to Get Off the Oracle EBS Performance Tuning Treadmill

For most Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) IT teams, deploying complex reports into production requires a substantial amount of query optimization and performance tuning. Performance tuning is a business’s attempt to revive applications slowed by the mish-mash of tools and technologies utilized by Oracle EBS users to obtain the operational reports and analytics they require to compete in today’s ever-more-real-time environment.

But it’s a desperate attempt at that. Performance tuning usually takes 8-12 weeks of time at a minimum, requires many discussions, and delivers barely acceptable reports at the end of the process anyway.

That’s why performance tuning is a waste of time. And it’s where Incorta’s “reimagined BI” approach is a game changer. Imagine what could happen to your productivity if these timelines were reduced by more than 90 percent—cut down to a week, at most—and necessitated in just a few meetings?

The Query Reimagined: No Data Modeling, No Data Flattening, No Data Reshaping

By completely reimagining query technology, Incorta deploys dramatically faster, without the sacrifices to data fidelity and security required by the traditional approach to BI. No performance tuning required.

  • It takes only a few hours for IT to pull in all of the data needed to answer the first question asked by business.
  • Subsequent questions can be answered in seconds as well, meaning IT and business users can peel the proverbial onion to get to the heart of any business challenge.
  • IT breathes easier as their backlog shrinks dramatically, thanks to Incorta’s quick turnaround on new reports and change requests.

“We saw up-to-date reports only a few days after beginning the [Incorta] deployment—  not weeks or months—and we could return new queries across billions of records in just seconds.” – Sr. Engineering Manager, Fortune 10 Co.

Here’s how it works. Incorta’s breakthrough Direct Data MappingTM technology dramatically pares down the data warehousing value chain by fundamentally solving query limitations. It eliminates data modeling and the unnecessary parts of ETL, instead delivering a robust, value-add data transformation process that aggregates large, complex business data in real-time and runs queries against even the most complex data in only subseconds. With Direct Data Mapping, business users can quickly extract insights from tables with complex joins and relationships, in real time, via self-service analytics tools. 


“Due to Incorta’s self-service capabilities, IT no longer has to predict what business users are going to ask, but can instead create flexible frameworks that let business users slice and dice the data themselves.” – Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Broadcom

What used to take 12 hours now can take only 12 seconds. With Incorta, you can stop the endless cycle of performance tuning and offload your toughest, hardest-to-execute reporting queries with confidence. Before Incorta, one organization using a highly engineered Oracle system had to spend 12-14 hours breaking down queries into hundreds of sub-queries and then stitching them together. Now, with Incorta, this process is completed in only 12 seconds!

No more meetings about Oracle EBS reporting performance problems. With reporting and performance problems solved, precious time is recouped, and money is saved. That’s because you increase efficiencies by eliminating query-related meetings, and you can reallocate query-fixing funds to instead improving the business. Users also don’t have to wait for queries to run overnight, and there’s no need for anyone to spend any time stitching together fragmented reports. The result? Your resource-constrained technical talent can look to the future instead of compensating for aging technology and brittle systems.

Even the head of Google Analytics is impressed. With Incorta, you can deploy complex analytics solutions in under six weeks, not in months or years—and then deploy new analytics applications in days. No data modeling, no data reshaping, no data flattening. It’s why Google Head of Analytics Ken Rudin says Incorta is “the first time I’ve seen real innovation in this area since 1988.”

Incorta delivers a modern data and analytics platform without compromising the fidelity, scale, or complexity of data—and without performance tuning. 

To learn more about how Incorta can augment your Oracle EBS reporting, download the Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite white paper.