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Straight to the Top: Why Incorta Beats Top Cloud Vendors in Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Market Study

Business agility is the name of the game in 2020. Last year, the US-China trade wars gave business leaders around the world a preview of what it looks like when change and uncertainty become the new normal in the global economy—and for those caught flatfooted, it wasn’t pretty. 

Here we are nearly one year later and the world has changed dramatically once again. The trade war fiasco? That was just a dress rehearsal compared to what we are living through today with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. At times like these, few things matter more than having visibility into and the freedom to innovate with data to address the necessary business agility.

It’s no surprise then why Incorta dominates the 2020 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services. In today’s world, companies can no longer rest on their laurels or blindly accept the limitations of legacy technologies and approaches to data analytics. The stakes are too high and the world moves too fast. 

What’s needed is a fundamentally new approach—and that’s exactly what Howard Dresner and his team discovered in Incorta, the only Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP) powered by Direct Data Mapping. Speaking with our customers—some of the most valuable companies in the world—they heard from Fortune 1000 companies like Broadcom, Shutterfly, and Starbucks that are pulling away from the pack while others struggle to compete with incremental improvements to existing methods. 

This is Incorta’s first time participating in the ADI Market Study and we’re already at the top: Incorta was named “Overall Leader” in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility, beating out all three of the largest cloud vendors—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We also secured the #1 position for sales and service, and received a perfect “Recommend” score. According to the study, Incorta is best in class for consulting product knowledge, experience, and continuity.” 

Why does Incorta stand so tall above the rest? Because we’ve been building for this world for 6+ years. From the get-go, Incorta was built to turn data analytics into a driver of agility, not a roadblock. We started out with a clear vision of the future of data analytics, and it’s exciting to see so many analysts, reporters, and customers validating our vision. 

Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study is the latest. Taking an in-depth look at the competitive landscape for “Analytical Data Infrastructure,” the study evaluates 12 vendors across 33 different criteria, sampling from a wide cross-section of respondents from various job functions, industries, company sizes, and locations around the world. 

In addition to vendor ratings, the report also provides insights on the current state of data analytics in the enterprise—why demand is on the rise and where it’s coming from, the challenges organizations face today, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Here are some of the most interesting findings: 

  • Business user reporting and dashboards are the use cases most respondents (82%) identify as a top priority. The second-highest use case is “business user discovery and exploration,” which 67% of respondents rank as “critical” or “very important.” The data science use case is also a high priority for 51% of respondents—up from 43% last year. 
  • Across multiple use cases, the “as-a-cloud service” option is the top deployment priority for respondents. Few prefer the hybrid model, which is the reality for many organizations today. However, multiple buying centers in most organizations end up creating a “hybrid” deployment model for ADI platforms.
  • Buying requirements for ADI platforms often represent priorities for more than one use case. Developing a business and technical strategy for larger scale, cross-functional, multi-use case BI and analytics projects is more difficult than ever for business and technical leaders. 
  • Performance and security remain the highest selection priorities for ADI platforms in 2020. This is driven by the ever-growing volume of data, algorithms, and number of users arising from combinations of use cases. 

While all signs point to Unified Data Analytics Platforms as the future of data analytics, we challenge you to come to your own conclusion by speaking with an Incorta expert or spinning up a free cloud trial and trying out the platform for yourself. Download the report here.