Ready, Set, Go: May the Best Data Win in 2020

The year 2020 is finally here. Flying cars haven’t arrived quite yet, but there have been some truly remarkable breakthroughs in technology: most people today have a supercomputer in their pocket that is 100,000 times more powerful than the systems onboard Apollo 11; quantum computing is no longer confined to the realm of science fiction; and artificial intelligence is already helping solve some of our most existential human problems.

Yet, despite all of these advances, most companies today still struggle to get basic insights out of their data. More data is flowing into organizations than ever before, but the volume and complexity is far too great for traditional data systems to handle. You might think it would be easy for a business to bring data from finance, sales, and logistics together to get a more holistic view of business performance, for example, but that is rarely the case. And even when companies do manage to unify parts of their data, they often struggle to deliver valuable insights and analytics to end users quickly and without spending a fortune.

But that is all starting to change now with the emergence of Direct Data Mapping (DDM)—a new technology that challenges decades of conventional wisdom and offers a far better, faster, and cheaper alternative to traditional approaches to data processing. At the same time, the data industry is also waking up to what we at Incorta have known all along: fragmented data systems lead to fragmented data experiences, and that can only get you so far. Delivering the data analytics that companies today need—and their employees and customers increasingly expect—requires a unified platform.

Major market moves like Google acquiring Looker, Salesforce scooping up Tableau, and Microsoft’s launch of Azure Synapse this past year are clear validations of our vision. While other vendors are playing catch up—trying to stitch together existing solutions or acquire their way to a unified data experience—Incorta is advancing faster than ever.

At Incorta, our DDM-powered unified data analytics platform is helping some of the world’s most valuable companies overcome the limitations of traditional data analytics. With more access to richer data sets, companies like Broadcom, Northern Trust, Shutterfly, and a long list of others are transforming their business and redefining their markets.

Ready to join them? Check out our latest resources, take Incorta for a test drive, or reach out and say hello. The future is here, and we can help you own it.