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Put Publicly Available COVID-19 Data to Work for Your Business—Fast

There’s a lot of information out there related to COVID-19. But right now—when it’s more important than ever to quickly access and analyze data —figuring out how to effectively use COVID-19 data to better manage your business can still be a challenge.

We can help. 

Several customers have leveraged their Incorta platforms to instantaneously integrate COVID-19 data into their enterprise data and analytics dashboards. As a result, they’re able to quickly and dramatically amp up their COVID-19 response capability

  • correlating COVID-19 country, state, county and zip code data with corporate location and employee residence data;
  • analyzing historical employee travel data against COVID-19 data to understand risk profiles and prepare for travel policies once the world starts opening back up;
  • developing action plans that require tactics like employee contract tracing and potential quarantining in response to future coronavirus infections.

What makes these use cases so powerful is how easy they are to activate. Incorta customers can do it FAST. As in “we incorporated new COVID-19 data and generated insights within minutes or—at most—a couple of hours” fast.

And—as we’ve all learned—in a crisis like this pandemic, speed really matters.

Here’s how easy it is to pull in COVID-19 data and start using it with Incorta:

  1. Ingest.

First, create a new data source in Incorta, point it to the COVID-19 data, load that data, and then schedule it to be refreshed on a periodic basis.

  1. Join.

Now join the loaded COVID-19 data to your existing enterprise data. You can, for instance, match country/state/county/zip code data against similar fields in tables that relate to company locations and employees using Incorta’s Direct Data MappingTM engine.

  1. Explore.

Now, just like that, you’re ready to explore the combined data—no technical expertise required. Simply use Incorta’s built-in Dashboard/Insight Builder to bring in enterprise fields alongside COVID-19 data fields.

And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to layer COVID-19 analysis on top of your Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP).

Put simply, Incorta helps businesses sort through and analyze complex data better than any other platform on the planet. As Incorta customers show, it literally takes only minutes to gain new insights that can drive the strategic direction of your company. 

Even during difficult times such as these, with the right tools, you can indeed be empowered in ways that have never before been possible.

Want to learn more? Watch our short, demo or contact us directly.