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Partners Wanted to Deliver Better Data Analytics to the Office of Finance

Today Incorta announced the launch of the Incorta Partner Program, a new and improved partner offering I’m heading up to support our rapid global expansion. We believe that our partners are key to customer success, because our most successful customers have had a great partner at their side.

With this new program, over 75 existing partners around the world will enjoy expanded benefits. We’re enhancing rewards, beefing up partner content and education programs, and upping our game on certifications.

We are giving partners access to sales and marketing materials and technical content that has traditionally been reserved for our employees. Current Incorta Partners can find this content in the partner-only section of the Incorta Community. If you don’t already have a login, please create one using your corporate email to get access.

The Incorta Partner Portal now provides two-way communication about deals, in addition to just deal registration. You will have access to our notes on deal progress, deal stage, and key contacts at Incorta who can help. We want our partners to feel like they are part of Incorta.

This is also a great opportunity for new partners to hop on board. We’re looking for firms with deep expertise in analytics for the office of the CFO, especially for organizations using Oracle EBS or Cloud ERP. Using Incorta to put game-changing analytics in the hands of finance professionals is where we will make a massive impact together.

It’s a 12 to 24 month journey to value for most data warehouse and visualization projects. Finance professionals can’t wait. They don’t want a data warehouse. They want answers. And this is where Incorta comes in.

Incorta’s Data Direct Platform unlocks complex application data, such as the data found in Oracle, faster than anyone. We typically see organizations get to first value in a few weeks with Incorta, compared to 12-24 months with a traditional, or even a modern, data warehouse approach.

Our data applications with pre-built data/business schemas and pre-configured dashboards are built for business processes such as Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Booking/Billing/Backlog, and many more. These data applications along with our 200+ connectors help business get answers quickly from complex data sources like Oracle EBS/Fusion, SAP, NetSuite, JDE etc.

Using Incorta data applications delivers 70-80% of the implementation out of the box, while still leaving partners room to customize to suit the client. You can take a customer from feeling like they are stuck in neutral to hitting top speed in a matter of weeks.

But it’s not just faster time to value. We offer finance something that no other platform can: The ability to drill down into detailed transactional data. This gives finance the ability to answer questions they’ve never been able to answer before.

We’re an 8-year old company with the best technology in the world for analytics for the office of CFO. We’re now focusing on building out our go-to-market engine. Now is the time to get in early on something big. You can give your firm a competitive edge. You can build a much bigger business.

You can also have fun. I think every single one of us working in this field wants to delight our customers. The office of finance has been conditioned by 30 years of data warehousing implementations to expect for it to take three years to get anything done. When you can come in and give them something that starts delivering real value in six weeks, that’s going to delight a lot of people.

If that sounds like fun to you, let’s talk.