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Oracle OpenWorld Recap: Helping EBS Users Make the Move to Cloud

As William Gibson famously said, “The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

Last week at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, IT experts from across North America gathered, hoping to catch a glimpse of that future. For the third consecutive year, Incorta was on scene to deliver.

The cloud is the future of business, IT, data and analytics—really anything involving computing power. Based on our time at Oracle OpenWorld this year, however, the path to reaching that future is anything but clear—and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users are getting left behind.

Incorta to the rescue: To help EBS users migrate workloads to Oracle Cloud and accelerate their reporting and analytics initiatives on top of EBS, we unveiled Incorta data applications for Oracle—a broad collection of pre-built content that expedites an organization’s migration from legacy reporting tools and gives users immediate access to logically-grouped content and sample dashboards to help answer critical business questions.

Reactions at our booth to demos of Incorta data applications for Oracle reflect the current state of affairs in enterprise IT: one foot striding purposefully and confidently—albeit perhaps too confidently—into a cloud future, while the other foot remains stuck in the realities of what it means to make the vision a reality.

Speaking with thousands of attendees, ranging from DevOps engineers to VPEs and CEOs, one thing was crystal clear: Incorta data applications for Oracle fills a massive need for Oracle customers being forced into cloud migration. In the words of one high-profile data executive, “Everyone talks about the benefits of cloud, but no one really markets to the challenges. It’s easy to say ‘we need to move to the cloud,’ but it’s not that simple.” Needless to say, he was excited to hear that our solution exists and estimated it would save his company several months of legwork on their journey to the cloud.

Team Incorta was also honored to host two highly-attended presentations. In the first session, our Head of Channels, Mike Nader, was joined by an extra special guest: Batman (well… Mike in a Batman costume), discussing how anyone in an organization can be an “analytics superhero.” Once again, it comes down to the issue of unequal distribution. When everyone has fast, reliable, and easy-to-use analytics, the need for data “superheroes” disappears and every employee becomes empowered to embrace their inner data analyst.

In the second session, our CIO Brian Keare spoke with two real-life IT superheroes: Ajit Oak (Senior Manager Business Intelligence, Broadcom) and Jay Singh (Director of Engineering, Starbucks). Together, they discussed the technology that will actually affect your business in the next 12 months. Although the future is indeed almost here in the form of AI and ML, it’s the less-hyped, foundational technologies make a real difference for organizations. Whether it’s Broadcom reworking their supply chain technology in a volatile political environment, or business insight gleaned from better financial reporting for Starbucks, huge value remains in understanding and examining the core technologies that run your business.

Of course, we had fun at Oracle OpenWorld  too—we gave away 500 inflatable loungers to our wonderful customers and fans, and one lucky Incorta booth visitor went home with a brand new iPhone 11.

After the main event wrapped, our customers, prospects and partners enjoyed a VIP booth at the John Mayer and Flo-rida concert to close a successful week full of learning and connection.  Incorta is excited for the future of business in the cloud, but we’re even more excited to help every organization get there. Cloud migration is no small task, but together, we can redistribute the future and bring better, faster, and more accessible analytics to everyone.