Natasha Lobo: Sales Engineer / Fashion-Tech Blogger / Opera Singer

“Our rapidly evolving Presales team at Incorta is filled with top tier talent coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. The Presales charter is a simple one—We bring Life to the Incorta Value Prop—and our daily activities are centered around this mantra. We aren’t shy about how kickass our tech is, and we seize any opportunity to show it off to the world through platform demonstrations, architecture sessions, proof of concepts, and other activities with our future customers. The pace is fast, fun, and we occasionally “break things” (as expected) when working with leading-edge technology that disrupts the status quo.   

“When we engage in the Incorta Proof of Concept (POC) stage of the sales cycle, we have one of the highest win rates I’ve seen in the industry.  This win rate is, without a doubt, the result of pairing truly disruptive technology with top tier Presales talent.

Natasha came to Incorta after a very successful career at Oracle where she established herself for over 7 years. Natasha not only brings a strong BI/Analytics background, but also has the unique ability to ask the right questions in meetings to get to the heart of the problem/solution. Natasha has a natural curiosity and delivery that complements and often balances the Account Executives (Sales) she works with at Incorta. We have high hopes for Natasha in 2020!”

John Pelz, Head of Presales

What do you do at Incorta?

I work as a Sales Engineer at Incorta where I support our Sales teams in their efforts to expand our customer base. On a daily basis, you can catch me doing some of the following activities: engaging in meetings with potential customers to learn about their businesses and their technology landscapes in order to qualify whether they might benefit from Incorta,  demonstrating our product to prospects, helping prospects experience Incorta through proof-of-concepts and discussing technical requirements with product development and management to see whether we can support them.

What did you do before Incorta?

I was a member of Oracle’s Sales Consulting team where I supported their Sales teams in the cloud sales efforts prior to joining Incorta. I also worked as a Solution Architect at both Oracle and HP’s consulting organizations where I designed and implemented analytics and data warehousing solutions for customers using their technologies.

When did you start at Incorta? 

I started working at Incorta in June 2019.

Why did you join Incorta?

While I worked at Oracle, I heard about Incorta through a number of my customers that were also evaluating Incorta. This piqued my curiosity and got me to explore Incorta. When I learned more about the Incorta platform and the company, I came over to the Incorta-side (side note: I’m a huge Star Wars fan). Getting my hands on the Incorta platform during my interview process helped me realize why customers love it: it simplifies analytics, it’s easy-to-use, and it’s really fast. Incorta gives me the opportunity to help solve problems with new technology and an innovative approach. I feel that my work makes a difference to both Incorta and its customers. I love talking to prospective customers about my Incorta experience and want us to grow in revenue by enabling them to make better business decisions with powerful analytics through our platform.

What have you learned so far at Incorta?

I’ve learned how to position Incorta’s value to prospective customers, how to work across different functions at Incorta to support sales opportunities, how to prioritize activities to make the best use of time, and how to manage the ever-evolving atmosphere in a start-up.  On a less serious note, I’ve also learned about various types of herbal teas, how many different tools you can employ to make a cup of coffee, and how I should take advantage of the great ping-pong talent at Incorta to improve my game.

What is your favorite thing about Incorta?

The diverse, eclectic, and creative group of people that make up Incorta are what make it a great place to work. Everyone in this company is teeming with talent, ambition, and great work ethic – the best combination for success. There is always something new to learn at work, and the ever-changing atmosphere gives me the opportunity to evolve fast.


I was born in Mumbai, India. I spent my childhood in the Middle East (specifically, in Saudi Arabia), went to college in India, and worked in Bangalore, India before moving to California.

Fun Fact?

During my free time on most days, you can find me practicing yoga either at home or in a studio. I’m a yoga enthusiast and would like to train as an instructor. I write a fashion-tech blog with a friend, which focuses on the impact of technology on fashion and lifestyle. I also enjoy singing and studied opera for a number of years.

We celebrate diversity and inclusion and believe in the power of freedom to try, fail, and learn! Come and be a part of one of the most exciting and promising companies in Silicon Valley!

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