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Leveraging Tomorrow’s Technologies to Address Data Realities Today

A couple of weeks ago, Incorta was at Google NEXT 2017 where we trumpeted our analytics approach for large, complex business data less the data warehouse. If you want the 10-minute primer, check out our very own Matthew Halliday’s  presentation that explains our approach. This coming week we’re headed to Las Vegas to join Oracle’s annual user group for Oracle Applications called Collaborate where we’ll again take our innovative approach to enterprise analytics to attendees.

Google NEXT and now Collaborate? For many, the two events seem like different ends of the enterprise software spectrum—one focusing on its future; the other focusing on where it has been.

At Incorta we don’t see it that way. Incorta is all about using tomorrow’s technologies to address the realities of your data today. If you’re like most organizations, the realities of your business data today are that your critical business data is that which resides in your ERP systems or is housed in databases. Your Financials, Inventory, Manufacturing, Order Management and Sales systems house the data that your business depends on to make decisions that will drive it forward, but is oftentimes the most difficult analyze. Why? Because the complex schemas and join-intensive nature of these applications—Oracle EBS is no exception—requires time-consuming and costly pre-aggregation of the data in order to analyze it. For decades, this has been done by first putting the data into a data warehouse and reshaping it.  With Incorta’s innovative Direct Data Mapping engine you don’t have to do this and are able to analyze source data without reshaping it. The benefits to this approach are huge—not only can you build analytics applications in a fraction of the time (just days), you’re able to securely analyze data in near real-time. For many, our approach sounds too good to be true and we have been told that we’re full of hot air.

Are you going to be in Vegas too? Come check us out and we’ll show you Incorta’s new approach to enterprise analytics and you can decide for yourself. In fact, we’ll give you something in which to put that hot air. Check out a demo of Incorta and you will walk home with an inflatable couch.

You’ll find us in the Expo Hall in booth #1348. Also be sure to stop by and see Matthew Halliday Solution Spotlight at Collaborate 17.

Title EBS Analytics: No Data Warehouse Required
Date 1:15 PM–1:45 PM Apr 4, 2017
Location Solutions Spotlight Theater
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