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Incorta’s Recognition for the Top Data Innovator 

Building better user experiences by embracing the power of data!

The Incorta Top Data Innovator Award recognizes a data innovator across data and analytics departments who fosters innovation to empower his or her organization to answer questions, make faster decisions, and achieve 100% ROI using direct data technology.   

Who are the data innovators?

Data innovators are professionals who deeply understand the current data landscape, can analyze complex problems, and use data and analytics to create practical solutions to identify data-driven opportunities that solve business problems. 

Data innovators bridge technology, analytics, and creative designs to build data pipelines, models, and algorithms that support business outcomes. They possess the skills to build and manage data pipelines, models, and algorithms to support multiple projects and tasks simultaneously.  

To summarize, a data innovator uses data to push the boundaries for creating cutting-edge solutions. 

2023 Top Data Innovator Award recipient: 

Our 2023 top data innovator is Mr. Yasser Zalah, Director of data management at neoleap, a global financial digital solutions company licensed by the Saudi Central Bank.  

Yasser is a great model for other data management professionals. He is working extensively in promoting the use of data for decision-making to move his organization forward and ensure a positive user experience with a 360º view that links all of neoleap’s data sources together. He is building multiple dashboards that help the internal teams make critical decisions. 

Yasser was able to unlock the full potential of neoleap’s data while enhancing customer engagement. He is leading neoleap’s recent data and analytics project that aims to manage the company’s performance accurately through real-time control of their KPIs to recognize their customer persona and identify their spending patterns and frequency, and control the company’s expenses, costs, and revenue easily. 

Yasser moves with intent, speed, and flexibility while maintaining high internal and client standards. He is also passionate about telling stories with data and teaching others to do so.  

Yasser’s great approach is “without room to make decisions; we dwell in yesterday’s glory” 

A spotlight of Yasser Zalah: Yasser is a business-minded data advisor with experience delivering valuable insights via data and analytics. Yasser provides data-driven, action-oriented solutions to challenging business problems. He provides consultation across areas using data as a critical asset, such as data strategy, governance, management, big data, business intelligence, and data science.