Best practices

Incorta with Microsoft Fabric

As a trusted partner enabling Azure Synapse analytics today, we are excited to see the announcement of Microsoft Fabric and the breadth of the service offerings and modules that it provides customers in the Microsoft data and analytics ecosystem. And there’s a lot to be excited about. 

Most organizations have large relational datasets from business applications, databases and ERP systems, both on-premises and in the cloud that are critical but not always accessible to the business. This is because you’re dealing with a complex data model, hundreds of tables and dozens of joins that make it incredibly challenging to deliver business-ready data. 

Here are a few ways Incorta’s open data delivery platform supercharges the new services and modules of Microsoft Fabric:

  • Eliminating the complexity
    • Incorta simplifies how data is sourced from Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and other enterprise applications and land either the replicated or enriched datasets in an object store using an open delta format for analytics consumption. With the integration of parquet and the open delta table format as used by Microsoft Fabric, Incorta is the only open data delivery platform for acquiring data from highly relational ERP data sources.
  • Business-ready data
    • With Incorta’s ultrafast incremental refreshes at scale from complex sources, often in as little as few minutes, the latest data is accessible for delivery across the enterprise. Incorta enables Microsoft Fabric by directly delivering the data in an object store in the OneLake open delta format, making all the data readily available for reporting, analytics, data science and machine learning use cases without having to first process it within Azure Synapse Datawarehousing service.
  • The flexibility of OPEN
    • With two distinct methods for data acquisition, Incorta’s open data delivery platform can either land the data in OneLake in the open delta table format and then copy it into Synapse data warehouse tables, or take a new approach and trigger a pull from Synapse to source Incorta datasets into OneLake.
    • Additionally, Incorta will have the ability to run Spark jobs on an external Spark service including Synapse Data Engineering service or an Azure Databricks service. And with the data in the open delta table format, Synapse Data Science services can leverage Incorta’s control plane to easily and securely access and run SQL queries against these datasets. 
  • Fast detection with Data Activator
    • With the Microsoft Data Activator module running directly on top of Incorta data sets in OneLake, organizations can support real-time detection and monitoring of data for quality checks, data anomalies, send alerts from Incorta’s dashboard layer or identify actionable conditions and trigger workflows. What’s best is the fast incremental refreshes of Incorta means quicker activations of new, suspect data.
  • Furture-proofing for AI
    • Augment the already feature-rich data visualization and last-mile access capabilities provided by PowerBI with the new Copilot service. All data within Incorta, and by its persistence in OneLake ADLS buckets can benefit from Copilot as it is rolled out across the data products within Microsoft Fabric. 
  • Optimizing cost
    • Incorta’s offering on Microsoft Azure and the flexible consumption options for compute announced for Microsoft Fabric means customers now have a single pane of glass for data acquisition and enrichment within Microsoft Fabric, and extracting even more value from their data stack ecosystem.

In summary, Incorta provides customers the full flexibility of an open data delivery platform on Azure with a control plane that can help orchestrate fast data refreshes from complex ERP systems and make this data available for consumption in OneLake in the open delta table format, ready for use with all the Microsoft Fabric services at their disposal, including analytical and machine learning needs. We are thrilled by this announcement and look forward to being one of many streams feeding the Microsoft Fabric and OneLake ecosystem!