Incorta Summit 2019

Earlier this month, I was honored to have the opportunity to moderate the 2019 Incorta Summit. Once I got over the fact that there were over 300 people in the audience and I was faced with the challenge of welcoming  a dozen speakers to the stage over the course of the day, I came to a realization: we’ve got quite the team of customers, advisors, and employees at Incorta! Here’s a little bit of what I heard and saw during our day at the Rosewood Menlo Park…

The day kicked-off with Incorta’s founder and CEO Osama Elkady, presenting his take on the state of the analytic industry and the secret to Incorta’s success: focusing on customers, innovation, and talent.

Wayne Eckerson, one of our favorite analysts, then spoke about the “Data Elite” — who they are and how to join this exclusive club. Needless to say, we think Incorta is the ticket for this ride.

Next our own co-founder and VP of Products, Matthew Halliday brought his team up on stage for an amazing demo of Incorta, showing connecting to data lakes and consuming data without moving it to Incorta and some amazing speed and efficiency improvements. For the “mic drop,” they announced that 4.5 would be available that same day. And it didn’t stop there… The product team went on to give a sneak peak at what’s happening in Incorta Labs. From Incorta Assist which gets you up and running in a few minutes to natural language search, data science notebooks, machine learning with IncortaML, and even augmented reality, it was a true highlight of the day.

Silicon Valley legend Ted Schlein, a general partner at Kleiner-Perkins and an early investor in just about every major tech company you’ve ever heard of, was up next. Ted’s talk (pun intended) was all about where the world is going. We’re flooded in data, and the question is — what will we do with it all. Fantastic insights from someone who truly has “been there, done that.”

And then the customers… At Incorta we’re lucky enough to have customers that are using our analytics to drive some pretty amazing business results. Even better — they’re willing to talk about their journey with Incorta. Northern Trust, spoke about how data loads that took 4 hours are now done in 15 minutes with Incorta. My favorite line from their talk was “I almost had to pinch myself because I can’t believe it’s this fast.” We love to hear things like that at Incorta!

The team at a “top 5 quick service restaurant” presented how they’re using Incorta for things like reducing food waste by 40%, managing 35 billion (yep, billion with a “b”) loyalty card transactions, and managing data from 28,000 stores world-wide. GC Services walked us through their “analytics bake-off” where they put Incorta, Tableau, and Power BI in a head-to-head cage match where only one would leave the octagon. Guess which platform won? Guess which platform didn’t even complete the trial? Guess which one utterly failed to operate with the scale of data GC Services required?

We wrapped up the day with Gayle Sheppard, of Incorta partner Microsoft talking about the future of data, the cloud, and the importance of not siloing data away. 

Great location, great speakers, great stories, and great networking. If you weren’t there, we’re sorry you missed it but there’s an overview video you can watch to get a sense of the day. And of course, you’re invited to Incorta Summit 2020. 

Hope to see you there!