Incorta Featured on DBTA’s 2022 Trend-Setting Products List

Incorta has been named a 2022 “trend-setting product” by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) Magazine in their latest annual Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management list.

Appearing on this list, among the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft, is an honor. It’s a testament to the speed, power, and experience of Incorta’s unified data analytics platform (UDAP).

DBTA’s Trend-Setting Products list highlights important products, platforms, and services that “represent a commitment to innovation and seek to provide organizations with tools to address changing market requirements.” While some are established products that successfully evolve to meet the needs of the market, many are breakthrough technologies in the early stages of adoption.

Why is Incorta’s UDAP highlighted in this exclusive list of trend-setting products in data management and analytics?


Fast, Agile Data Analytics

The unprecedented events of the past 18-24 months were a high-stakes stress test for legacy data systems, and it’s now clear that fast, agile, and unified data analytics platforms win the day.

If you are looking to analytics to help you navigate today’s business environment, then you have to find a way to deliver data to users directly without getting hamstrung by systems and processes that severely limit speed and agility, such as data warehousing and ETL.

Powered by Direct Data Mapping, Incorta can make tens of billions of rows of data across multiple source databases analytics-ready in a matter of minutes.


Built With Open Standards

Incorta’s UDAP is architected for coexistence. The platform is built with open standards and integrates with cloud-friendly tools and platforms, making it easy to consolidate data in the cloud and extract meaningful insights.

That means you can put Incorta to work within your existing data analytics tech stack without making big changes to your analytics environment or inadvertently breaking things. It also means you can scale up your Incorta usage without needing to worry about vendor lock-in. In a world of open standards, like the one we live in today, software makers like Incorta now compete on user experience — and we strive to earn your business every day by delivering the best possible user experience in the world of data analytics.


Easy to Try Free

Modernizing a data analytics technology stack can be a costly, time-consuming, and just all-around difficult undertaking. That doesn’t cut it when you need better, faster, and more actionable insights now.

Here’s the great thing about Incorta — you can spin up a trial and put the tech to the test in a matter of minutes. No guesswork or promises ​​— just the power of the platform.

Give it a try today and see for yourself why Incorta is a standout on this year’s DBTA Trend-Setting Products list.