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Incorta Data Apps for Oracle: A Game-Changer for Cloud-Bound EBS Customers

If there was ever a question that the future of IT is in the cloud, Oracle’s moves in the past few months have answered it emphatically. The news coming out of Oracle OpenWorld, where the Incorta team has been out in force this week, takes it even further. From partnering with longtime rival VMware to unveiling an autonomous cloud, Oracle has doubled and tripled down on cloud offerings in an attempt to compete with major market players like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

There’s just one problem: In Oracle’s rush to become a true cloud competitor and move beyond their dated reputation, they’ve gotten far ahead of themselves, forcing on-premises customers to move their workloads to Oracle Cloud—whether they are ready or not. 

In theory, rapid digital transformation will modernize Oracle’s customer base and put the company on par with the true cloud leaders. In reality, their legacy infrastructure isn’t equipped to handle this task and leaves customers with two poorly integrated systems.  When companies are tasked with making analytics decisions using two disparate systems—OBIEE for on-premises and Oracle Analytics Cloud for Fusion Apps—business continuity comes to a screeching halt.

Business users and the business shouldn’t be paying the price for IT’s decision to start migrating apps to the cloud.  So, when we heard this was happening, our executive team immediately put our heads together to figure out whether there might be something we could do to help. Cloud migration is not necessarily a core part of our business, but knowing the pain Oracle customers were experiencing, we wanted to give it a shot. 

Oracle customers were looking for the right kind of solution. Our deep knowledge of Oracle’s business combined with Incorta’s groundbreaking ability to sift through seemingly endless datasets in subseconds put us in a unique position to deliver. Together with the help of our customers, Team Incorta was able to create something truly fantastic: Incorta Data Apps for Oracle.

The Data Apps – part of our larger set of tools to help customers pulling data from complicated, disparate systems – are split into several distinct offerings, but all fall under the umbrella of Incorta for Oracle E-Business Suite. There are a number of different job-specific Data Apps, enabling vast improvements in everything from accounts payable to supply chain management, and we’ll continue to expand our capabilities over time.

With Incorta, completing any job with our Data Apps is astoundingly simple. In the video below, watch as Ethan Post, our Sales Engineer, takes you through a full “Holds and Discounts” example in just two minutes:



In short, Incorta Data Apps for Oracle does for Oracle customers what Incorta already does for our own, allowing all EBS customers to analyze and understand their data, without the need for modeling or ETL. It’s a game changing technology, and one that we’re proud to serve Oracle customers with. We hope you check it out – you can view all of Incorta’s Data Apps here.