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Finally — granular operational analytics for Oracle ERPs

San Mateo Viscosity workshop

If you still get limited, frustrating results despite throwing hundreds of thousands — maybe millions — of dollars at your enterprise analytics and reporting problem, you’re not alone.

That’s because building data pipelines is increasingly complex: you have to constantly retool connections or pre-aggregate, reshape or transform data to make it usable while taking into account the growing number of applications and data systems from which data is sourced.

It’s a harsh reality. But now you can face — and overcome — it.

Finally, you can empower business users to achieve game-changing insights based on all their complex business application data — not just partial subsets or aggregates. You can give them real-time reporting that’s relevant and timely enough to make a difference. You can let them access granular, transaction-level details whenever they want. And you can arm them with agile data tools and processes — no ETL and star schema/modeling processes required — that completely free them to ask more questions and get faster, better answers.

This amazing feat is what Incorta does.

As soon as we saw Incorta for ourselves, we knew it was the comprehensive, revolutionary solution to enterprise analytics our Oracle ERP clients have been waiting for. And we know what we’re talking about. As an Oracle Cloud Platinum Partner with six Oracle ACEs on our team, we understand firsthand all the amazing things Oracle ERPs can do. But we also know enabling users to easily access and analyze the complex ERP data they have isn’t one of them.

Now we’re thrilled to co-present with Incorta at a live, in-person workshop this month in San Mateo where you can see Incorta in action and even participate in a hands-on tutorial.

You’ll learn how Incorta makes complex, full-fidelity data instantly ready for analysis by loading data from multiple sources like ERP and CRM systems into a prebuilt data model. You’ll learn how Incorta users can easily develop dashboards on the fly, as the questions they want to answer change. And you’ll learn how, because of all this, Incorta can help you dramatically simplify your data engineering, save money and introduce a truly self-service, data-driven culture into your organization.

I hope you’ll join us.