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Gain real-time insights on Oracle E-Business Suite data with Azure and Incorta

Insights that are frequently sought after in an organization are often locked in business-critical systems. These systems power functions such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and operations. While the data these applications produce can tell the complete business story, organizations struggle to coalesce the data and deliver valuable analytics on top of them. It requires months and even years of work to redefine business logic or migrate existing applications in the attempt to have scalable, real-time analytics. On top of that, many legacy systems don’t provide APIs for easy connection to modern analytics tools, which further stagnates access to quick insights.

To enable companies to gain real-time insights on the critical data in their Oracle E-Business Suite, we are announcing a new offer with Incorta that brings Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and Incorta together for end-to-end finance analytics.

The proof-of-value offer

With this new offer, customers can quickly see the value this packaged solution brings without complex overhead. Azure and Incorta provide qualified customers a free business use case consultation, a technical deep dive session, software subscriptions, and hands-on technical expertise.


The business value

The combination of Azure Synapse and Incorta enables leaders to connect directly to their Oracle E-Business Suite data. In fact, customers that use Azure Synapse and Incorta for finance analytics experience a 10x faster time to production. This accelerated path results in organizations having an analytics-ready solution for accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and more in a matter of weeks.


The technical value

Incorta automates various data preparation steps using a proprietary technology called Direct Data Mapping, which enables organizations to go from raw data to quicky discovering actionable insights in Azure Synapse. Incorta leverages best practices captured from real customer implementations, and provides that pre-built content through their Blueprints, for accessing, organizing, and presenting data for popular business solutions. Incorta’s Blueprints contain data connection properties, physical schema descriptions, business views, materialized views, and sample queries so that organizations can quickly implement a complete out-of-the-box solution rather than rewrite logic or migrate systems.

The result of using Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping technology and Blueprints are ready-to-go, pre-built business schemas, which act as a logical grouping of one or more physical tables and a subset of physical columns. These are used to create a business semantic layer, or business view, to provide end-users with an intuitive entry point into the data. This is what significantly shortens the time to production from months to weeks and enables organizations to easily load data into Azure Synapse for a complete finance analytics solution.

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