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EnergySolutions saves time and money with Incorta’s reporting solution 

EnergySolutions’ Matt Dukes and Mark McNeely leverage Incorta to unravel Oracle’s complexity for their reporting woes, enabling their team to quickly make data-driven decisions and save time and money. 

Unleashing Data-driven Insights and Analytics Efficiencies for EnergySolutions 

EnergySolutions, a distinguished international nuclear services company, has long stood as a key player in the specialized field of nuclear waste processing and disposal. With a unique portfolio that encompasses waste management, recycling, and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, the company navigates a complex landscape that demands precision and governmental and environmental compliance. EnergySolutions serves an array of clients, including government agencies and nuclear power plants, positioning itself as a leading expert in a highly regulated and distinctive industry. 

Challenges in their Reporting Landscape 

For years, EnergySolutions grappled with the limitations of manual reporting processes, particularly those driven by Oracle OBIEE. The company’s operations spanned multiple systems, each with its own data source, hampering the ability to form a holistic view of the business. The outdated procedures led to bottlenecks, caused by sluggish data loads and impeded the attainment of in-depth insights due to the lack of comprehensive data access. These challenges were magnified by the nature of their industry, where precision and informed decision-making were paramount. 

The Quest for Reporting Modernization and Insights 

In an endeavor to address these obstacles and revamp their reporting strategies, EnergySolutions embarked on a transformative journey. The company initiated an evaluation of potential solutions to modernize its reporting infrastructure, a journey that ultimately led them to SAP. While undergoing training on SAP ABAP, a perceptive business analyst stumbled upon a niche solution that would eventually become a game-changer: Incorta. 

Incorta, an open data delivery platform, is a unique, versatile tool that is capable of resolving the specific niche issue identified by the business analyst. However, what truly set Incorta apart was its capability to tackle a range of data access and reporting challenges faced by EnergySolutions. The intuitive platform facilitated seamless access to historical data stored not only in Oracle but across a multitude of other ERP and source systems, enabling users of all levels to access one compiled view of data to analyze for different use cases at different depths. With Incorta, EnergySolutions was able to save millions by eliminating the need for migration with access to data they could not retrieve before and improving the accuracy of their AR/AP forecasting by 60%. 

Revolutionizing Reporting and Data Access 

Incorta’s implementation catalyzed a significant transformation within EnergySolutions. Users gained access to a previously unexplored treasure trove of data, unraveling insights and relationships that were previously elusive. The platform enabled users to bridge gaps between disparate data sets originating from various sources, thus illuminating a comprehensive view of the business and providing access down to the individual transaction level disclosing context and details not accessible before. 

One of the most compelling aspects of Incorta was its innate adaptability. Unlike the conventional ERP systems that often necessitate altering business processes to align with the technology, Incorta molded itself to the company’s existing processes. This malleability proved invaluable, as it allowed EnergySolutions to retain its operational integrity while harnessing the capabilities of the platform. 

Fostering a New Partnership for Future Growth 

The implementation of Incorta not only resolved EnergySolutions’ immediate reporting challenges but also unveiled opportunities for future growth. By centralizing data access and analysis, the company streamlined its processes and increased efficiency, allowing teams to focus on their core tasks. Reports that once took hours or even days to generate were now available in seconds, freeing up valuable time for value-driven activities. 

As EnergySolutions continues its journey with Incorta, the partnership promises to shape the company’s future trajectory. The enhanced ability to generate insights, supported by seamless data access, positions EnergySolutions to make informed decisions swiftly. The platform’s agility to accommodate custom applications and adapt to unique industry needs reinforces the company’s competitive edge and underscores the transformative potential of the partnership. 

Empowered Insights for a Dynamic Industry 

EnergySolutions’ story exemplifies the transformative power of leveraging cutting-edge technology to overcome challenges. By transitioning from manual reporting to an intuitive open data delivery platform like Incorta, the company not only resolved reporting bottlenecks but also redefined its operational landscape. The collaboration with Incorta signifies a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence, ushering EnergySolutions into a future empowered by data-driven insights. As the partnership continues to unfold, EnergySolutions stands poised to navigate its intricate industry with renewed vigor and a heightened competitive advantage. 


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