Employee Spotlight: Intern to Software Engineer

“Our fast growing Engineering team at Incorta is filled with amazing talent covering many areas of software development (i.e. front-end and back-end development, data science, machine learning, test and build automation) as we build cloud-scale enterprise data platforms. Our team is built on trust, respect, innovation, and passion. We work with speed and agility, pushing the technical boundaries and exploring uncharted territories of incredible performance at massive scale.  

Our internship program is one of the most successful ways of infusing new blood to our team, full of fresh ideas and unconventional thinking that leads to breakthrough innovations and advancements that delight our customers.” – Mohamed Dekhil, VP of Engineering

This month, we will be highlighting a member of our Engineering team, Chris Yates.  Chris started off as an intern and has transitioned to a full-time Software Engineer.

What do you do at Incorta?

I work as a software engineer at Incorta, where I’ve been nicely integrated into our product’s full-stack environment. On a day-to-day basis, I’m doing one of the following: developing new features for our next release, updating older features in our current versions, or fixing bugs found wherever they appear. 

What did you do before Incorta?

Before Incorta, I was a senior studying at Santa Clara University. I graduated in June 2019 with a BS in Computer Science.  

When did you start at Incorta? 

While still in school, I worked at Incorta as an intern from February-June 2019. Following some post-grad time off, I began working full-time in August 2019.  

Why did you join Incorta?

During my internship with the company, I truly enjoyed the work I was assigned. As opposed to running coffee errands and being given menial tasks, they placed me in feature development, where I started working on code that was going to be shipped in our company’s main product. Everyday, I would come into the office eager to create, learn, and analyze. I was understanding the differences between developing a real product for customers versus putting together a lab project for my teacher. However, at the end of the day, I joined Incorta because I felt that both my presence and work were valued there, and I believe you can’t find that everywhere you go. 

What have you learned so far at Incorta?

I’ve learned how to work in both the front-end and back-end parts of our product, debug other peoples’ code, cover my own code with meaningful tests, work cross-functionally with members of different teams to solve problems, and how to jump between tasks in a manner that uses my time best. But on a less serious note, I’ve learned to make good drip coffee, how to smash well in ping-pong, and how to prioritize sleep over video games.

What is your favorite thing about Incorta?

Simply put, I have fun at Incorta. The people are lively, the company culture is diverse, the location and office views are amazing, the work is challenging – everything culminates into a fun experience.  


I was born and raised in Marin County!

Fun Fact?

There’s a set of answers to these questions embedded with my own bad jokes. Too bad it’s not released, I think some of them are funny. Also, I like to sing, but I’m absolutely terrible at memorizing lyrics.

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