Deloitte Tech Fast 500: A Tribute to the Power of a Unified Data Analytics Platform

We are proud to announce today that Incorta has been named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list for the second year in a row. It’s a testament to the remarkable innovation taking place here at Incorta and the amazing team that makes it possible — especially the visionary customers and partners who helped us get to this point.

Why is Incorta once again a Fast 500 company? With Incorta, you can stand up an entire data pipeline — from source data to visualizations and AutoML applications — in a matter of weeks. That means you no longer have to play the game of predicting what people are going to need. Instead, you can just plug in new data sources as you go.

We are seeing incredible momentum in our business: revenue growth is accelerating, our team is expanding rapidly, and we are adding customers at a very fast pace.

Another main driver of Incorta’s momentum is the strength of our partner ecosystem. Our partnerships with Google, Microsoft, eCapital, Wipro, Proficient, Accenture, and others are delivering a completely game-changing operational analytic experience. Leveraging the Incorta unified data and analytics platform (UDAP), Incorta’s customers experience speed and agility that is unmatched by the legacy solutions that depend on outdated data warehousing architectures and siloed technologies.

And then there are our existing customers, which are trailblazing category leaders and creators — we’re talking the world’s leading names in social networking, streaming entertainment, consumer electronics, food and beverage, and the world’s most valued company. Each and every day, we see customers adding more data sources, more users, and more intelligence to drive operational excellence. In fact, one of the key metrics that software companies like us use to measure success is net dollar retention (NDR) — which essentially shows whether customers are still finding value in your product. At Incorta we are seeing NDR rates of nearly 200%.

The fact that Incorta can be used so broadly whether it’s in the office of finance, supply chain, human resources, or logistics, highlights the value of a unified data and analytics platform. We’re solving problems that traditional data pipelines and analytic stacks cannot.

Our customers appreciate that now more than ever.

We all know the pandemic accelerated the push for digital transformation by at least a decade. It also created tremendous disruption and uncertainty in the market that continues to this day. Whether you see these shifts as existential threats or career-defining opportunities has a lot to do with how well you command data analytics.

In this way, Incorta is a perfect fit for the times: It lets companies see things in their business and take action months sooner than they would have before.

At Incorta, we are building a data and analytics platform unlike anything else on the market today. Some of the most forward-thinking, category-creating businesses in the world are early Incorta adopters and they are reaping tremendous benefits that just keep growing and growing.

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