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Cementing Incorta’s position as the world’s most agile and extensible data platform for analyzing raw business data


Today we are excited to announce several new additions to the Incorta platform, including new and improved data applications and extensibility features, as well as a marketplace for applications and components. We are also thrilled to unveil our new brand identity at the 2022 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, in Orlando, FL. 

Now more than ever, companies want to become more agile and data-driven. Far too often, however, they are hamstrung by outdated data engineering methods and tools — some of which are almost 30 years old. Try as they might to prop up the old system, it’s ultimately a losing strategy. The old way of doing things simply cannot keep up with modern analytical demands anymore. 

This tough reality is not lost on attendees at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and that’s part of what makes these conferences so great, in our opinion: practically everyone in attendance is looking to discover and learn about innovative new ways to get important jobs done. 

If you are attending the Summit, come visit us at the Incorta booth (#920) and we’ll show how Incorta can change the game for you and your teams. 

The Incorta data and analytics platform not only makes it 100x easier for IT teams to solve for data access and self-service with agility, scalability and security — it’s also a springboard for data curiosity. And with today’s announcements, we have a lot of exciting new features and capabilities to show you. Here are the highlights:

Data applications

Prebuilt analytic content and application components shorten the distance between data and insights for end users by making it quick and easy for IT teams to access, organize and present data from popular business solutions. Today’s newly released and improved data applications extend the reach and agility of Incorta even further:

  • Workday (Workforce and Compensation)
  • Oracle EPM Cloud (Financial Consolidation)
  • Oracle ERP Cloud (Human Capital Management)
  • Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (Oracle EPM Cloud for Finance) 
  • Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud (Financials and Supply Chain)
  • SAP ECC (Financials and Supply Chain)
  • Oracle Process Management (Oracle EBS Process Manufacturing)

Incorta marketplace

We are officially opening the door to partner and community contributions for Incorta’s growing marketplace, which includes data applications (packaged analytic content) and custom components (visualizations and controls for dashboards).

The Incorta marketplace for in-product browsing, searching and installation of packaged applications and components.

Incorta partner Perficient recently built a new data application for financial planning, budgeting and consolidation against Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The Oracle EPM Cloud for Finance application, as it’s called, models EPM data together with ERP sourced detail transactions, such as general ledger journal lines and sales invoices, to enable drilldown from consolidated balances to deeper levels of detail, such as project, customer or supplier related information that only exist in the ERP system. This enables financial stakeholders to compare sales and receivables to forecasts and budgets, seamlessly accessing timely financial metrics comparing daily performance to plans.

In the words of Perficient’s Director of Business Analytics, Mazen Manasseh, “By leveraging Incorta’s ability to seamlessly correlate data from multiple applications, we integrate EPM consolidations and plans with the financial transactions in ERP, enabling business stakeholders to drill down into immediate insights, identify key drivers, and drive better business outcomes.”

Incorta partner Dilytics is also contributing their application for process manufacturing based on Oracle Process Management (OPM). The Oracle EBS Process Manufacturing application provides insights into production batches, batch transactions, recipes, material usage, yield, planned vs. actual cost, scraps, batch aging and much more. These insights empower manufacturing executives, production managers and supervisors to address impending exceptions before they happen and optimize manufacturing operations to the fullest extent possible.

The marketplace will be available in-product starting with the 2022.9 release in September. In the meantime, you can browse our complete list of data applications here.

The Incorta marketplace provides detailed information on each data application including package contents, requirements and instructions, and a gallery of screenshots and videos.

Extensibility features

Incorta’s extensibility story continues to grow with the addition of new components to the marketplace that are built using the Incorta component SDK which leverages the popular JavaScript React framework, enabling almost unlimited flexibility and customization. 

The component SDK joins the connector SDK which developers can leverage to create new data connectors that augment the 50+ supported connectors delivering access to over 240 data sources. The Incorta SDKs, SQL interfaces, APIs and multi-language code notebooks make building customized analytic applications on the Incorta platform a great experience for developers.

Brand identity

Tying it all together is a new brand identity, which brings to life the spirit of Incorta by representing the data and analytics platform as a playground for unlimited data curiosity. Now live across all Incorta digital properties, including a fully redesigned website, the new identity brings openness, connectivity and curiosity to the forefront of Incorta’s visual design and messaging.

Pioneering a new analytics paradigm

Incorta provides a unified data and analytics platform that makes it quick and easy to unlock the full potential of business data from multiple complex source systems. By eliminating traditional data transformation, modeling and aggregation steps, it makes 100% of data instantly ready for analysis. 

To learn about Incorta’s revolutionary approach to data and analytics including Direct Data Mapping®, Incorta data applications, the Incorta component SDK, and how Incorta enables operational analytics, business agility and data curiosity, join our product experts for a webinar on September 21 at 9 a.m. PT | 12 p.m. ET or visit us at booth #920 at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022 in Orlando, FL on August 22-24. 

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