Building data pipelines

Data Analytics Explained in Less Than 5 Minutes

What is Big Data Analytics?

The process of analyzingbig datafor adopting appropriate business strategies and better decisions.

 Sources of Bug Data Analytics:

    1. Machine-Generated/Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Data.

  • Transactional

What is Incorta’s Platform?

Incorta is the industry’s fastest, most powerful analytics platform. Only Incorta can be implemented in a day because we skip the complicated, old school steps that everyone else requires you to perform for their solution to work. No ETL, no reshaping of the data, and no modeling mean that you’ll be analyzing data for business insights while they’re still planning the implementation. 

We’ve helped companies like Starbucks and Facebook cut analytic run times from hours to sub-seconds. All without the expensive hardware and lengthy implementation others require.

Whether it’s Oracle EBS, NetSuite, JDE, or your own SQL system, Incorta can connect to it in minutes without building (and maintaining) the ETL processes older platforms require.

When you’ve only got partial data, rolled-up and aggregated, it’s tough to do things like machine learning (ML) and other AI applications that need lots of data. Incorta lets you perform the most advanced ML — right from the same platform.