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Coming Soon: Incorta’s Partners of the Year Announcement

Partnerships thrive at Incorta. 

We work hard to cultivate relationships with like-minded enterprises that are willing to push the boundaries on what’s possible with data. Our Partner ecosystem was designed for mutual customers looking to optimize business from data management to analytics. Our partnerships enable customers to deliver more meaningful data insights.

Our growing partner ecosystem includes a range of consultancies, global systems integrators, and technology partners. Notable partners include Accenture, AWS, Birlasoft, eCapital, Infosys, KPI Partners, Microsoft, and Wipro. Our partners are helping global enterprises define the path forward for the future of data analytics. And together, we’re leading a vibrant, modern data estate that increases profitability and drives growth with faster, more agile business intelligence solutions. 

Next week, we’ll proudly recognize the partners that have spearheaded noteworthy advances in the past year. These partners are a true model of what can be done when data-driven curiosity and technology come together to create success for brands and customers alike. These are the honors we’ll be announcing on Tuesday, May 19, 2020:

Solutions Partner of the Year 

This award will be given to the partner that has been transformative in their pursuits for technical excellence and innovation over the past year. This partnership will have demonstrated tangible successes for the customers they serve with Incorta, and will represent the possibilities driven by delivering a modern approach to data. 

System’s Integrator of the Year

This award will be given to the partner whose dedication to global scale and technological expansion has led to exciting business successes. This partnership will have demonstrated what it takes to develop a repeatable formula for growth across departments, companies, and industries with the speed and agility of unified analytics. 

Mark your calendars and stay tuned: we’ll be making our announcements next week Tuesday, May 19, 2020 via Twitter, Facebook, and our blog. 

As a team, we work together to spark curiosity, defy limits, and support catalysts for explosive growth at today’s leading global brands. Explore how Incorta revolutionizes data analytics for today’s leading global brands; join one of our upcoming weekly demos to get a complete, 360° view of our platform.