Breakout Moment: As Global Demand for Unified Data Analytics Soars, Incorta is Flying High with $120M in Series-D Funding

When I joined Incorta as CEO six months ago, I inherited a company with a phenomenal team, world-class partners and investors, and endless customer validation from some of the most valuable and innovative brands in the world. 

And yet, beyond the early adopters, hardly anyone knew the name Incorta or what makes this company so special. “How is this company still flying under the radar?” I thought. 

Fast forward to today, and that’s changing – fast. I’ve been in this industry for 25+ years and have never seen a more perfect setup for breakout growth. So many companies were caught flat footed by the Covid-19 pandemic and then left flying blind by antiquated data analytics systems that could not rise to the occasion. Now, the top priority is ensuring it never happens again. 

Practically every company we speak to today is actively challenging their past assumptions and looking to bring new technology into the fold. The market is clearly ready for a radical new solution.

Put it all together and we have just about everything necessary to lift Incorta to new heights. The final piece of the puzzle? The rocket fuel – and we just secured it.




Today, I am proud and beyond excited to announce $120M in Series-D funding for Incorta. We are also thrilled to welcome Prysm Capital and National Grid Partners to the Incorta family, joining our already exceptional investors.

The new funding enables us to scale up while maintaining our best-in-class innovation, quality and customer obsession. More specifically, it will be used to expand go-to-market operations and meet global demand for Incorta’s unified data analytics platform.

This funding is also timely validation of Incorta’s vision, team, technology and market opportunity. Overall, the message it sends to the market is loud and clear: 

The world of modern business moves too fast for data warehousing and ETL-based data analytics. 

The smart companies saw it coming years ago. They started experimenting with unified data analytics platforms like Incorta and discovering newfound speed and agility. When the crisis hit, they were ready. They took in new data, pivoted fast, and started making bold moves with confidence and conviction. 

For everyone else, the turmoil of the past year was the wakeup call: You can no longer turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of legacy data systems – the world moves too fast and the stakes are too high. 

If you ask me, 10 years from now, doing ETL for analytics will be just like using a fax machine or the postal system. It may still exist for specific edge cases, but that’s about it. Data warehouses and ETL-based analytics simply cannot satisfy the metabolism of modern business anymore. 

To find out why and what comes next, register for our July 22 webinar with veteran data and analytics industry expert, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D.: Unified Analytics Platform vs. Point Solutions: Betting on the Future. In this special live event, Dr Imhoff will explore the merits of each approach and share insights on how to achieve newfound speed and agility in data analytics. 

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