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Enable Decisions, Not Just Reports: Introducing the Analytics Data Hub for Finance

Today, we are excited to announce the Analytics Data Hub for Finance — a new solution from Incorta that enables IT organizations supporting finance teams to deliver financial and operational analytics with unmatched flexibility and speed. 

As today’s business environment grows increasingly volatile, unpredictable and challenging to navigate, the office of finance is being called upon as a key strategic partner to the business. This not only raises the stakes for strategic financial decision making but also accelerates reporting timelines.

Here’s the challenge: Today’s finance teams routinely struggle to access, analyze and generate meaningful insights from financial and operational data. Data that is critical for driving timely business decisions is siloed in ERP systems, business apps and finance tools. As a result, finance teams end up spending a majority of their valuable time collecting data from disparate systems, reconciling conflicting reports and stitching together data sets to gain a complete view of the data and analyze it. 

The real time analysis today’s stakeholders increasingly want and need? It’s blocked by time-consuming ETL processes and long wait times for new reports. These same systems and processes also limit finance teams to top-line KPIs and aggregated data, which prevents them from drilling into transactional-level details to identify key trends and perform root-cause analysis.

The Analytics Data Hub for Finance can make all the difference. It enables IT professionals to quickly deploy a centralized hub for financial analytics and empower finance decision-makers with timely, accurate insights. Now available to all customers, the solution gives CFOs and their teams a complete, end-to-end view of the latest business data in real time to drive faster, better and more informed decisions.

More specifically, the Analytics Data Hub for Finance provides an end-to-end self-service platform for analysis of accounts payable, receivable, fixed assets and general ledger data — and provides visibility down to transaction-level details while applying common models and governance controls to data from different sources and destinations. The solution also includes financial data apps to accelerate operational analytics for Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP, Oracle EBS and NetSuite. 

The solution also introduces new integrations that enable data delivery to core forecast, plan and consolidation process finance systems. We are launching it with direct API feeds to BlackLine and have an exciting roadmap for expanding the solution across a wide range of technologies in the space in the coming weeks and months. 

The Analytics Data Hub for Finance is built for extensibility and with each additional integration it becomes an even more powerful way to collaborate and share critical business data in a unified environment that:

  • Provides consistency for data models and governance across the enterprise by connecting data from multiple ERP solutions, business applications and financial and operational systems in a unified environment. 

  • Accelerates data feeds to, and analysis for, planning, forecasting, reconciliation and close cycles with visibility and analytics directly on subledger details and external operational data. 

  • Delivers built-in finance data apps to quickly and easily deploy new financial and operational analytics in days.

  • Extracts more value while simultaneously future-proofing your financial technology investments by easily integrating with popular finance tools and reducing long-term operating costs.

The big idea is to create a unified data and analytics environment that reduces the distance from data sources to data-driven decisions with agile data pipelines optimized for financial analytics. This drives huge gains in productivity and efficiency for finance teams, and shifts the focus from backwards-looking reports and dashboards to real-time analysis and insight discovery.

Here’s the best part: with new finance data apps, expanded data integrations and a component SDK built specifically for financial workstreams on the Incorta platform, it’s never been easier to leverage Incorta as an end-to-end self-service platform for real-time analysis of raw financial and operational data.

The fastest and easiest way to find out whether the Analytics Data Hub for Finance can help you empower your CFO and finance team is to try it out for yourself — spin up a free trial today.

If you prefer a guided experience, come join one of our upcoming Virtual Hands-On Labs — our interactive, instructor-led sessions that will show you how the Analytics Data Hub for Finance works and how to get started. You can also attend our upcoming webinar, Delivering Business Impact: Analytics Data Hub for Finance.