Incorta for Snowflake

The Fastest Path from Data to Insights.


A Modern Data Solution

As enterprise customers migrate their enterprise ERP, CRM, and HCM data to the cloud using Snowflake, they need a path to quick insights, and ways to serve all of their user requirements with a minimum of complexity and cost.

Snowflake and Incorta deliver a modern solution for organizations that want to unlock the value of their data, break down silos, and rapidly deliver value. The combined solution displaces a wide range of legacy data warehousing, data mart, and ETL tools that no longer meet today’s business needs.



Incorta helps customers gain even more value from their Snowflake investments through complementary features:

  • Incorta Blueprints dramatically reduce the effort and time needed to prepare enterprise application data and make it ready for analytics users
  • Incorta Direct Data Mapping provides query acceleration to any BI tool user needing high-performance drill-down into detailed and complex transactional data
  • The Incorta Snowflake Connector provides access to all Snowflake data, along with true self-service analytics to business users needing a simplified data experience



Our implementation experts capture best practices and develop pre-built content for accessing, organizing and presenting data from popular business solutions such as Oracle e-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, Netsuite, SAP, JD Edwards, and Salesforce.

By leveraging Incorta Blueprints, customers gain secured access to enterprise data, and are able to reduce implementation time by as much as 85 percent.

Incorta connects to enterprise applications, extracts and stores the detailed transactional data, creates schemas and materialized views as needed, and makes business-ready tables available to Snowflake from a secured data lake.

Our Blueprints dramatically reduce the time and effort required to bring enterprise application data to Snowflake users.


Eliminate Backlog by Delivering Analytics in Minutes

Many analytics use cases work fine against aggregated data, and this has been the usual model for over 3 decades. However, some use cases such as supply chain, healthcare and insurance analytics greatly benefit from the ability to seamlessly drill-down to transaction-level details in order to do root-cause analysis.

This means having the detailed transactional data available to the analytics system, and if you are running summary and detail reports against different data sets, there is the potential for inconsistency.

Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine is able to provide fast analytics on detailed data, providing very fast drill-down capabilities against a single data set, eliminating inconsistencies. This makes exploration, discovery, and drill-downs a breeze, and allows users to find individual transactions and immediately take corrective action.

For any analytics use case that can’t be done on aggregated data, Incorta accelerates any BI tool, all without copies, transformations, cubes or optimizations of any kind.


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As businesses put their data into Snowflake, their users are finding more and more ways to leverage that data, and the demand for query processing, BI tools, and end-user training is on an ever-upward spiral.

Organizations are looking for ways to empower potentially large communities of business users, providing them with a simple and responsive data experience.

The Incorta Snowflake Connector provides access to all Snowflake data along with true self-service analytics, so that users can pull all of their data sources together and query them in real time without IT intervention.

This allows Snowflake to act as the single-source-of-truth while actually reducing the overall IT technology footprint. IT also benefits from reduced end-user support costs, and freedom from cost overruns and unintended spikes in end-user query usage.



Incorta and Snowflake go hand-in-hand to:

  • Reduce the effort and time needed to make enterprise application data ready for analytics users;
  • Provide query acceleration to BI tool users needing high-performance drill-down into detailed and complex transactional data;
  • Provide true self-service analytics to business users needing a simplified data experience.

With this combined modern data framework, companies can make their migration to the cloud with agility, flexibility and options for all kinds of users and workloads.