Close your books faster with Incorta for BlackLine

Instantly drill through to transaction details with a single click

Finance teams across industries are being asked to match the speed of automation to deliver real-time information to their business partners without the access to the right resources from technology to people to trusted data.

The integration of BlackLine and Incorta provides users the ability to access data from multiple ERPs and other source systems with easy, instant access to transaction-level data details down to the subledger.



Transaction-level detail

Drill through capability from BlackLine into Incorta to access detailed data down to the invoice level

One source for all data

Incorta gives BlackLine users the ability to view data from multiple source systems in one place

Streamline data flows

Incorta provides faster and more frequent data refreshes and updates, accelerating the access to critical information

Blackline data sheet

Incorta solves the challenge of accessing data from multiple source systems for BlackLine customers, giving them a single platform to process and analyze data to provide valuable business insights.

Confidently and quickly complete reconciliations with access to transaction-level details at your finger tips. No longer search for the underlying data or request reports from IT.

  • Filter by accounts accessible to you in BlackLine

  • Choose the account(s) to start reviewing the account details

  • With a single click access Incorta to see details behind the account total before you complete the reconciliation

  • View the the journal’s ledger entries and drill down even further to the subledger’s individual transactions

Blackline and incorta data sheet

Check out the BlackLine data app

Conduct BlackLine account reconciliations from Oracle E-Business Suite in near real time