BlackLine Account Reconciliations for Oracle E-Business Suite


Conduct Blackline account reconciliations from Oracle E-Business Suite in near real-time.


In many organizations the financial close process is fragmented. There are lots of individual processes and systems linked by manual steps and ad hoc technologies like email, spreadsheets and telephone calls. With all these fragmented systems, there is no data consistency and visibility into the entire process across systems, departments and geographies.

With BlackLine Account Reconciliations for Oracle E-Business Suite data application, customers can consolidate data from multiple ERP sources and other types of sources in one place, apply business rules, push that data to Blackline in near real time and in a secured format. In addition, Blackline users can drill-down from BlackLine to detailed journal lines and drill-thru to subledger transactions from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Projects, and Fixed Assets in Incorta.

Business Benefits

  • Faster Period Close – Leverage Incorta’s ability to quickly ingest and integrate data from Oracle EBS for the purpose of cross-module (and cross ERP) analytics to help support near real time snapshot of the General Ledger / Subledger close process for the selected period and the areas that need attention for a quicker close
  • Data Consistency – Detailed data from multiple source systems all in one place for analysis and reporting including drill from summary level data in BlackLine to detail subledger data in Incorta for supporting business decisions on matching and reconciliations with confidence
  • Native Integration with BlackLine – Leverage Incorta’s ability to replace manual process and custom code and automatically bring data from sources through Incorta and into BlackLine, without removing the transactional fidelity and data access


Supported BlackLine Templates

  • BlackLine Account Reconciliations Template

Included dashboards

  • GL Journal Details drill dashboard
  • Subledger drill dashboards for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Projects, and Fixed Assets


  • The data application comes with instructions and samples on how to harmonize across different chart of accounts, apply any inclusion, exclusion logic and any special conditional logic for any of the BlackLine keys. Please refer to the Resources section for instructions.
  • Data App includes standardized logic to identify active accounts and activity in period which can be modified to suit customer needs

BlackLine as a Destination

  • BlackLine can be configured as a destination in Incorta
  • BlackLine template dashboards can be configured to be sent to specific BlackLine destinations

Subledger drills

  • The data application supports drill to subledger detail for BlackLine accounts as well as BlackLine Account Groups – Pre-built subledger drill dashboards are included
  • Instructions included on how to add ERP drill down to Incorta from Blackline

Support for BlackLine Account Groups

  • The data application can support bringing in BlackLine Account Group data from BlackLine into Incorta
  • Account Group data can be refreshed frequently from BlackLine to Incorta
  • Users can drill from BlackLine Account groups into Incorta for Journal and subledger details