Incorta launches the first Operational GenAI with leading RAG and LLM providers

[Foster City, CA, May 28, 2024] – Incorta, a leading operational lakehouse, today announces the launch of Operational GenAI, an unlimited and enterprise GenAI solution built on top of the best data foundation for GenAI. Incorta’s Operational GenAI is private and secure, built together with the leading, state-of-the-art technologies including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) from Vectara and model serving and fine-tuning from aiXplain.  

Enterprises that deploy GenAI correctly will improve operational efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage. However, access to fresh and detailed data in a secure and private way is essential to successfully deploy GenAI, and most do not have that. Operational GenAI from Incorta addresses these challenges and provides the best data foundation for Operational GenAI. This solution allows enterprises to fully automate their GenAI applications with an unlimited, out-of-the-box solution, in a secure, customizable environment, ensuring that data privacy and corporate governance standards are upheld. By integrating best of breed, enterprise-grade and customized open-source models that are fine-tuned by Incorta, customers can overcome challenges related to accuracy, safety, and governance, allowing them to easily and confidently approach GenAI.

“Through our partnerships with Vectara and aiXplain, we now provide the first fully-managed GenAI infrastructure that combines enterprise operational data with unstructured documents and data. This enables customers with a click of the button to have access to an unlimited and private GenAI solution on top of the best data foundation for GenAI.” said Osama Elkady, CEO and Co-founder, Incorta.

“We are excited to provide Incorta users with a trusted entry point into generative AI with the optionality and control that enterprises require. Our co-innovation partnership with Incorta creates the synergies required to leverage world class retrieval that all but eliminates hallucinations and bias,” said Amr Awadallah, CEO and Co-founder, Vectara. 

“AI is quickly evolving into a world of ‘agents’ working together to drive innovation and operational efficiencies,” said Hassan Sawaf, CEO and Founder of aiXplain. “Incorta’s Operational GenAI exemplifies this advancement in AI as a primary agent directing the execution of other agents. With aiXplain, Vectara’s RAG and Incorta’s Operational Lakehouse applications can seamlessly become AI agents directed by Operational GenAI. We are proud to be the connective fabric in the new AI tech stack, supplying the latest and strongest AI assets for this initiative.” 

Only Incorta’s Operational GenAI gives enterprises unlimited questions and access in a private, out-of-the-box solution on top of the best data foundation for GenAI. 

To learn more about Operational GenAI, join us on May 30 in San Francisco at No limits. Register here.

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