Incorta: The Bridge Between Wondering and Knowing

The greatest thing Google has done is remove the barrier between "I wonder" and "I know"... whether it is "when do the Bears kick off?" or "how do I get a penny out of my kid's nose?". No star schemas, no ETL, no "I'll tell you tomorrow". 

Incorta takes you from wondering about your business to knowing your business. One day analytics means that if you show us your data in the morning, we'll have you live in the afternoon (not in three months). Real-time information means live analytics against your up-to-the-second data (not the data since last night's refresh or whatever you have downloaded to your machine). 

You've been waiting for us... 
every time you stared in disbelief when your BI partner said "we can rush this and get it live in under 90 days". The waiting is over.

You've been hoping for us... 
every time you wondered if all that sensitive sales data on user computers was a smart risk. It's probably not.

You've been looking for us... whenever you were away from your computer and needed a quick answer. We're on your phone and tablet.

The landscape of bi analytics changes at almost the pace of your own can you start to sort through the choices?


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