Incorta announces acquisition of Cream Analytics

Broadening expertise to scale product innovation for finance transformation

San Mateo, CA, June 20, 2023– Incorta, the open data delivery platform announced the acquisition of Cream Analytics, a leading software company that enables finance teams to improve business performance by bringing context and industry benchmarks to analytics. This acquisition expands Incorta’s expertise on delivering business-ready data and insights to the office of finance from complex sources for business agility and finance transformation.

“We built Cream Analytics to automate the addition of real-time benchmarks and context to customers’ dashboards so they can easily answer questions, draw insights or act on their data”, said Stephen Archibald, CEO & Cofounder at Cream Analytics. “Giving finance teams an objective view of business performance enables organizations to continuously raise the bar while decreasing their time researching and validating their analytics.”

Incorta provides its customers with access to operational data, journal entries and subledger details for near real-time analysis. The acquisition of Cream Analytics will bring new approaches to how context and insights are automated, delivered and accessed by customers.

“Data is every company’s greatest asset. Hand delivering not just data to all levels of data consumers across organizations, but the information behind their data, truly enables self-service.  And with this level of self-service, enterprises speed innovation, enhance operations and ultimately foster the growth of their business. The acquisition of Cream Analytics will broaden our team of product experts and their combined skills will provide customers continuous enhancements in the future”, said Osama Elkady, CEO & Founder, Incorta.

Founded in 2018, Cream Analytics automates how data is collected and cleansed to produce key metrics and reports for finance teams, adding context and industry benchmarks to improve business performance. Incorta is a highly flexible and scalable open data delivery platform, it simplifies data access and delivery from complex business sources with unmatched speed. The power of the combined talent will advance the company’s platform strategy by enabling more customers to maximize the value of their data.

Cream Analytics brings context to every number and dashboard. Cream’s platform provides industry benchmarks and insights for all business performance. Customers use Cream’s context platform to automate reporting and make data-driven decisions with the whole picture and not just their data. Discover more about Cream at

Incorta’s open data delivery platform simplifies access to data from multiple, complex enterprise systems to unlock the full value of organizational data, making it readily available for analysis. Backed by GV, Kleiner Perkins, M12, Prysm Capital, Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta empowers the most forward-thinking companies to tackle their toughest data challenges, from innovators in the midmarket to Fortune 1000 category leaders such as Broadcom, Comcast, and Shutterfly. For more information visit

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