Building data pipelines

Revolutionizing SAP data for operational analytics and AI with Incorta 

In the world of business, data is an essential tool for making informed decisions. However, when it comes to data from SAP, there are often challenges that users face in accessing, integrating, and analyzing it.  

A major challenge faced by SAP users is the complexity of the system. SAP data is often siloed and spread across multiple applications, making it difficult to integrate and analyze, as well as loss of data lineage and governance with vast amounts of altered copies. Additionally, traditional methods of accessing this data, such as using SAP Business Warehouse, can be costly and tedious making it difficult to have access to the most recent data, answer new business questions, and draw new insights. To add on the complexity, for medium and large databases, recurring full backups greatly impact database performance, slowing down workflows and business productivity. 

With Incorta, SAP users can simplify and speed up the process of obtaining and analyzing data. The Incorta platform is powered by Smart Lakehouse Technology. This allows customers to get the best features from both data lakes and data warehouses while unlocking legacy data silos and enabling and extending real-time operational analytics on large, high-value data sets from their SAP ERP and other data sources. Incorta’s integrated approach allows users to easily connect to multiple ERPs and data destinations, complementing existing architectures and enhancing existing pipelines.

Incorta differentiates itself from its competitors by optimizing the ingestion, management, and processing of data pipelines for complex business applications and hundreds of other data sources, with a revolutionary smart query engine(1) and scalable open-architecture standards. Incorta’s user-friendly and intuitive capabilities allow users to quickly obtain the insights they need without waiting for IT or needing to have the technical know-how. Now SAP users can access and integrate data from multiple SAP applications, as well as non-SAP data sources, into a single common environment while maintaining complete control over data access and governance. And since Incorta eliminates the need for periodic ETL runs, all your data is immediately available for consumption by users and practitioners.  

Shutterfly, an online retailer of personalized photo products, is the perfect example of how Incorta provides a seamless solution for SAP data analytics. Shutterfly was struggling to get the data they needed from their SAP system in a timely and efficient manner. They spend hours every day running reports to get better insight into inventory to avoid stockout situations during critical sales periods. They were using a combination of SAP Business Warehouse and Excel spreadsheets to analyze data, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.  

Incorta was able to provide Shutterfly with a solution that allowed them to quickly access and analyze SAP data. By integrating data from multiple SAP applications, as well as non-SAP data sources, into a single platform, Shutterfly was able to obtain insights faster and with greater accuracy. With Incorta, Shutterfly was able to cut their time to report access from hours to seconds, enabling users to make informed decisions and improve their business operations. From the success of reducing stockouts by 90%, Shutterfly broadened its use of Incorta and was able to insert streamlined management workflows into its supply chain process also reducing E&O expenses.  

The success story of Shutterfly is just one example of how Incorta can help businesses improve their operations through better data analysis. Learn more about Shutterfly’s customer journey with Incorta and this valuable solution for SAP users.