Make A New Year’s Resolution to Unify Your Data

As my co-founder Osama Elkady details in his recent post, Ready, Set, Go: May the Best Data Win, 2019 was a year of tremendous change in the data industry. After decades of market fragmentation, we’re now beginning to see a long-term shift toward consolidation. Major acquisitions by Datarobot, Google, and Salesforce—and new data offerings from Microsoft—send a clear signal: unified data experiences are the future.

Just like virtually every other aspect of modern life and business, the data industry is moving away from fragmented experiences. Why? Because they cannot provide the experiences we want as customers and employees—and they never will. You can stitch together all of the best technologies in the world, but unless they are purpose-built to work together, you are going to end up with a terrible experience in the end. As they say, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

If you are like most leaders today, this reality is not lost on you. Everywhere you look, demand for more and better data experiences is on the rise. Customers increasingly expect highly-personalized user experiences delivered flawlessly every time. Employees want faster access to richer data sets to help them become more data-driven. Business leaders want clearer lines of sight into how the business is performing in real time. And IT wants to make it all work without spending a fortune—or burning out in the process.

But while the vision is clear, it’s also likely you have a long way to go before you get there. Even at some of the world’s most powerful and innovative companies, getting an answer from data that should be readily available can be an exhausting process that takes weeks. And in the end, the answers that come back are often incomplete because of the limitations of traditional systems.

Incorta’s unified data analytics platform can help. Powered by Direct Data Mapping, Incorta can make tens of billions of rows analytics-ready in a matter of minutes and have full-fidelity dashboards up and running in days. The plug-and-play nature of the platform means you can ingest an entire business’ worth of data after a merger and provide a consolidated data view of the new company within weeks. It means staying agile in a business environment where uncertainty and change are the new normal. Most of all, it means fundamentally changing the data experience and the value it can deliver.

As I’ve said before, analytics without behavior change is just expensive artwork. Incorta gives individuals and teams a flexible way to approach analytics where they can ask new questions of their data and get accurate answers fast. It can be a catalyst for creating a culture of data curiosity at your organization.

As we enter a new decade, resolve to get more out of your data by unifying it. To find out how Incorta can help, explore our growing library of resources, take one of our new self-paced learning courses, try our DDM-powered data analytics platform out for yourself, tune into our most recent webinar, or get in touch with me directly @layereddelay.