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Fortifying your Data Foundation at NoLimits to Scale Operational GenAI

“You’re only as good as your last data set”. This phrase kicked off Incorta’s NoLimits event in a powerful keynote from Sol Rashidi, and alchemized into a rally cry throughout the day. Combining GenAI with live operational data unlocks new dimensions of data analysis, automation, and insights leading to unparalleled operational efficiency – but how can you ensure that your data is ready for the power of GenAI?

The potential of GenAI is only as strong as the data foundations upon which it relies. We gathered some of the most brilliant industry leaders together for this event to learn how the pros are fortifying their data foundation to achieve real outcomes, and setting up their organizations for future success with analytics and GenAI.

If you missed these inspiring sessions in person, we’ve recapped our key takeaways and highlights, including leading analysts, GenAI pioneers, inspiring customer success stories, and our highly-anticipated launch of Incorta’s first Operational GenAI offering. Let’s dive in.

From a Gartner analyst to a AI/ML Director at Google Cloud: 

  • Sol Rashidi’s brilliant keynote session, “Building the Backbone: The 10 Essential Layers for a Generative AI Data Foundation”, guided us on how to create a robust data infrastructure with insights on data collection, quality assurance, privacy, security, and more 
  • Google Cloud’s Dr. Ali Arsanjani, PhD explored key strategies for achieving enterprise readiness in AI – giving us insights into how the latest from Google AI can enhance generative and predictive AI capabilities 
  • Hugging Face’s Abubakar Abid explored the transformative power of open-source generative AI: giving us strategies for effective model evaluation, rapid prototyping, scalable deployment, and iterative improvement 
  • Marlon Sims of Workday showed us how to bring unparalleled precision planning and forecasting with Incorta and GenAI – unlocking complete visibility into complex enterprise data.

Tapping into success from the source with customer stories 

We were joined by our very own Incorta customers – showing us how they revolutionized day-to-day data processes, gained unparalleled insights, and realized success from building a strong data foundation. Some of our highlights include:

  • Eric Jackson of PAC showed the difference transactional-level detail can make: transforming 11 years of data into a business-ready data set in just 4 hours.
  • Ryan Sather and Justin Zak of Gate City Bank transformed cumbersome processes into a seamless, data-driven operation – building a data-driven culture from executives to tellers. With Incorta, Gate City Bank completely rebuilt their data warehouse, achieving real-time, 360-degree insights that drive daily decisions (and skyrocketed their bank to number 3 on the Forbes list.) 
  • Kurt Witt of Quanta Services shared how Incorta’s scalable, easy-to-use data delivery platform “enabled Quanta Services to achieve unparalleled insights and multi-million-dollar cost savings.” 

Uncapped potential with Incorta’s NEW Operational GenAI 

This event brought the groundbreaking launch of Incorta’s new Operational GenAI. Access to live, trusted, and detailed data is vital to achieve the potential of GenAI – this new offering from Incorta delivers best-in-class access to live, detailed operational data at scale – a solution customized for each customer at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. This new offering:

  • Delivers live, detailed operational data, crucial for realizing GenAI’s potential.
  • Boosts productivity across various business functions, from product development to marketing.
  • Utilizes open-source models like Mistral and Llama, customizing and hosting them on the Incorta Cloud.
  • Automates GenAI implementation, fine-tuning, and maintenance, reducing required skills and total cost.
  • Integrates enterprise-grade, customized open-source models with live operational data, enhancing accuracy, insights, efficiency, and governance.
  • Provides unlimited access at a flat rate, addressing cost concerns.
  • Simplifies GenAI deployment, fully managing it to reduce implementation complexity and increasing adoption across organizations
  • Ensures private and secure data handling with row-level security, giving enterprises control over both their models and data.

Joining forces with leading AI software pioneers,s Vectara and aiXplain

This event showcased the power of solutions developed by Incorta’s new alliances with Vectara 

and aiXplain – built together with the leading, state-of-the-art technologies including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) from Vectara and model serving and fine-tuning from aiXplain.

  • aiExplain CEO & Co-Founder, Hassan Sawaf, explored how to turn AI fascination into commercial success with top-tier AI innovations and seamless integrations
  • Vectara founders Amr Awadallah and Amin Ahmad discussed strategies to overcome bias, copyright issues, and hallucinations in AI systems

“Through our partnerships with Vectara and aiXplain, we now provide the first fully-managed GenAI infrastructure that combines enterprise operational data with unstructured documents and data.”, announced Osama Elkady, CEO and Co-founder of Incorta. “This enables customers with a click of the button to have access to an unlimited and private GenAI solution on top of the best data foundation for GenAI.” 

See the full press release here for more, and check back soon for access to sessions on-demand!