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Support Policy



This Support Policy describes Incorta’s Support and Maintenance Services which will be provided to customers of Incorta purchasing a subscription license to one of Incorta’s software solutions identified in a valid Order. All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Agreement, unless otherwise defined herein. During the relevant Subscription Term and subject to the terms of the Agreement entered into between the parties and any limitations stated herein, Incorta will provide the following Support and Maintenance Services to Customer:

(1)   Maintenance. As part of the subscription license to Software, Incorta will provide Customer, free of charge, with access to all bug fixes, patches, new features or functional enhancements to the Software that is generally made available free of charge to Incorta’s customers whom have purchased a subscription to Software (“Updates”).

(2)   Support Requests.  Incorta agrees to provide Customer with access to Incorta’s customer support personnel via web, email, and phone. Customer may initiate a request for support via Incorta’s web interface at, email at or telephone at the number provided to Customer.  Customer may log, document and report any suspected errors or malfunctions of the Software to Incorta via web or email (“Support Ticket”). Incorta will provide Customer with a Support Ticket identifier that Customer may use to track the status of any Confirmed Error (defined herein) in the Software. A “Confirmed Error” is defined as any failure of the Software to meet Incorta’s specifications for the Software outlined in the relevant Documentation.  Failure of Customer to respond to Incorta’s requests for a period of five (5) business days may result in Incorta closing the Support Ticket. Customer may at any time add a new trouble ticket.

(3)   Service Levels Incorta’s technical support offering includes the following service levels and response times which are dependent on the classification of the severity of the issues raised. Classification of the Confirmed Error will be determined by Incorta, at its sole discretion, based on various factors, including input obtained from the Customer. Additionally, for Customer’s purchasing the Incorta cloud solution, section (b) below applies.   

(a) Service Levels For Confirmed Errors.




Error Description

Initial Response Time and Support Coverage



(Until plan is put in place)

Standard Support

Severity Level 1


Software is inoperable or down or critical subsystem in Software is down with critical impact on service delivery in the Customer’s production environment having a critical impact on Customer’s business.  No workaround or alternative is available.

2 hours (24x7x365)

Ongoing until resolved

(24 x 7 x 365)

Every 4 hours

(24 x 7 x 365)

Severity Level 2


Software performance substantially degraded or restricted in production environment; system and/or data is exposed to potential loss, interruption, or critical impact on service delivery , or a total or critical subsystem outage of Software on Customer’s staging system/environment during testing, causing a significant impact on Customer’s business.  No bypass or alternative is available.

4 Business Hours*

Ongoing during Business Hours until acceptable bypass or alternative is available

Every 8 Business Hours


Severity Level 3


Software is operational but has a minor loss of functionality in performance (with or without a workaround) in Customer’s production or staging environment causing low or no impact on Customer’sbusiness and data not at risk.

8 Business Hours*

As needed, during Business Hours

Every week


Severity Level 4

(Low Severity)

General questions regarding Software functionality.Minor imperfections, discrepancy or peculiarity in Software or Documentation causing low or no impact on Customer’s business.

Feature requests are not included in this service level; But may be proposed to support team.

16 Business Hours*

As deemed necessary during Business Hours

Update within 1 month


(b) Additional Service Level for Incorta Managed Services - Service Levels for Uptime. If the Customer has purchased Incorta’s Managed Services, then the following service levels shall also apply. Target availability (“Uptime”) for Service is 99.2% per calendar month. Uptime shall mean the ability to log in, to run dashboards, and to load data: for clarity the inability to load a particular dashboard or insight or load a particular schema does not constitute downtime to the extent it is not indicative of a broader platform issue. Incorta will use reasonable efforts to schedule outages to minimize business impacts to Customer and provide reasonable advanced notice of such outages to Customer.

(4)   Customer Responsibilities  Incorta’s obligations to provide Maintenance and Support Services are subject to the following:   

(a)   Customer shall appoint up to three (3) individuals (or such other number identified in the relevant Order) who are knowledgeable in the operation of the Software to serve as the designated Customer contacts with Incorta for support calls (“Designated Support Contacts”).  All support requests made by Customer shall be initiated and communicated through the Designated Support Contracts. Customer may change its Designated Support Contacts at any time upon written notification to Incorta. Customer may not share login passwords or other benefits of Incorta’s Support and Maintenance Services with any other persons, nor use Upgrades furnished to Customer hereunder for any other product or on behalf of any third party. 

(b)   Customer will provide Incorta with reasonably requested information and assistance to help Incorta identify, duplicate and resolve the support issue, including where necessary, access to Customer’s personnel, equipment and testing environments as reasonably requested by Incorta. 

(c)    Customer will maintain a current backup copy of all data processed or stored by the Software; Incorta shall not be responsible for any loss of data. Customer will implement procedures for the protection of data and the implementation of backup facilities in the event of errors or malfunction of the Software.

(d)   Customer will take all steps necessary to carry out procedures for the rectification of errors or malfunctions within a reasonable time after such procedures have been received from Incorta.

(e)  Customer will maintain a running instance of the Software in a non-production environment to enable and manage testing of Updates prior to release in a production environment and to enable troubleshooting in a non-production environment; Failure to do so shall excuse Incorta from meeting stated service levels outlined above.  Notwithstanding anything else in the Agreement or Order, implementation and use of Software for such testing shall be at no extra charge to Customer.

(5)   Exclusions. Notwithstanding any of the forgoing, the following limitations apply: Incorta is only responsible to provide Customer Designated Support Contacts with the Support and Maintenance Services described herein; The service levels described above apply only to Confirmed Errors found in the Software and only if Customer maintains an non-production environment where Updates are tested prior to use in the production environment;  Incorta shall not be responsible for (a) for Third Party Products, or any software, firmware, hardware not supplied by Incorta, or for information or memory data contained in or stored on third party products or services, (b) failure by Customer to maintain the proper operating system environment or to use the Software in accordance with the Agreement or the Documentation; or (c) Software that is modified other than by Incorta or its personnel; (d) Software that has been released more than one year prior to the latest release by Incorta. Support services does not include on-site support, consulting (re-designing, re-programming or reconfiguring the Customer's network) and system design, program coding, project management, facility management or support for incompatible products or third-party suppliers' products.  If any services are requested that are outside of the scope of this policy, then the parties will mutually agree to the scope of services and such services will be provided at mutually agreed rates.

(6)  Changes: Incorta may make changes to this policy with thirty (30) days’ notice to Customer (via the support portal or otherwise), provided such change is in connection with a standard change made to its then-current standard Support Policy and there is no material degradation to the support offering.

Last updated: February 1, 2021