Modern data analytics for SAP

Unlock business value with faster insights

Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA transformation with advanced analytics from Incorta

Data scientists, analysts and CIOs can no longer afford to settle for months-long projects to enable data-driven decision-making against core SAP ERP applications. And while moving to the cloud helps lower your IT costs, business units across your enterprise need actionable insights to shift and drive new initiatives and revenue streams. Incorta’s Direct Data Platform™ delivers an end-to-end self-service data experience, giving everyone the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their SAP data with unmatched speed, simplicity, fidelity and clarity.

Incorta takes a fundamentally different approach to the SAP analytics challenge

Incorta directly analyzes detailed enterprise application data in memory — every transaction, in its original form — without needing data reshaping, flattening, or advance model development, and without compromising on security. Incorta uses a modern, hybrid analytics architecture that combines the scale of a data lake with the speed of an in-memory, columnar database to process data quickly at massive scale.

Incorta’s breakthrough Direct Data Mapping® enables breathtaking analytics performance against raw, normalized enterprise application data — providing a slate of analytical, security and agility benefits, and is the core intellectual property forming the foundation of Incorta’s market-leading innovation.

Incorta creates a durable, open data store that can protect all historical ERP data — in many cases representing more than 10 years’ worth of data — as you decommission SAP ERP Central Component version 6 (ECC 6) applications. Incorta can help you maintain business agility and effect a more strategic use of data and analytics throughout transformation projects. Incorta reduces manual and time-consuming data management processes to provide rapid time to value.

Fast, flexible reporting and analytics from Incorta

With Incorta, you can easily execute any data migration strategy while enjoying uninterrupted business continuity.

Incorta’s revolutionary approach to data analytics lets you seamlessly combine an unlimited number of internal and external data sources, thanks to real-time aggregation of data that doesn’t require a data warehouse or data replication.

Unlike other analytics providers, Incorta’s prepackaged connectors enable fast, easy analysis of the highly normalized data common to SAP. Our platform acts as a “bridge,” helping you easily run reporting across data stored in multiple applications — or across customer order and inventory data stored in other systems — at any time, without having to build or renovate an existing data warehouse.

Incorta is powerful and flexible enough to easily accommodate any migration strategy while maintaining existing reporting, protecting historical data, and enabling users to build modern analytics on top of data residing in any application.

Incorta Data Apps accelerate your SAP analytics initiatives

Irrelevant of the modules you are leveraging — Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, Financial Accounting and more — Incorta Data Sheets provide you with a kick-start to deliver end-to-end business process analytics like procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and hire-to-retire, just to name a few. Building on functional Data Sheets for activities like accounts receivable, accounts payable or order management, you can:

  • Easily connect and transfer data from the SAP ERP application tier into the Incorta platform
  • Enjoy out-of-the-box, prebuilt dashboards, reports and KPIs designed specifically for SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and S4
  • Leverage prepackaged schema for many SAP modules, including financials, sales, manufacturing material management, and supply chain