Modern data analytics with Oracle NetSuite

The industry’s only analytics platform empowering NetSuite users to manage their business via accurate, timely business decisions driven by real-time conversations with the freshest of data.

Oracle NetSuite helps businesses around the world streamline mission-critical applications, so they can focus on what they do best. But what NetSuite can’t do is easily deliver insightful business intelligence (BI) on most of the data it generates and stores. It’s notoriously difficult for business analysts and data architects to work with NetSuite; the solution itself doesn’t deliver the kind of reporting and analytics business users need, and its application programming interfaces (APIs) are limited. As a result, easily connecting third-party BI tools to NetSuite is a complexity many companies can’t overcome. Business users needing comprehensive business insights spanning multiple business systems, organizations or functions are left frustrated as well. Sales reps, for example, can’t delight customers when they don’t have easy, real-time visibility into order statuses. Incorta overcomes all these problems. With Incorta, Oracle NetSuite customers have a new, better option for analyzing and understanding their business data.

At a glance

Oracle NetSuite gives companies the cloud-based business tools they need to streamline business processes, accelerate growth, drive innovation and remain competitive. But NetSuite’s primitive reporting holds business hostage.

As a result, effectively and efficiently analyzing NetSuite and other business data residing in separate applications is a heady challenge most companies haven’t found a way to overcome. Until now.

Incorta hands back business control to Oracle NetSuite users by dramatically simplifying data collection and analysis. Business users are unshackled from static, cumbersome saved searches and empowered to have real-time conversations about data, with no advanced technical skills required.

Key benefits for the technical team

  • Light up your NetSuite data for real-time analytics in only a matter of hours
  • Unshackle your analytics from two-level joins, as restricted by NetSuite’s static saved searches, so you can explore trends using multidimensional analysis
  • Quickly mash up NetSuite data with other sources to gain visibility across functional and system silos
  • Seamlessly roll out NetSuite analytics with 100% built-in security

Business benefits

Eliminate cumbersome, expensive and brittle extract, transform, and load (ETL) and outmoded data modeling processes to get to that first dashboard or report within only hours by ingesting hundreds of thousands of rows in mere seconds.

Static searches no longer stall your business — users can start at 10,000 feet with aggregated insights and also drill down to data in a single line of the record. Plus, you can publish Incorta’s interactive and dynamic dashboards to NetSuite user home pages for the most contextual and current insights.

Rapidly integrate new data sources (such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Magento) and run joins across hundreds of tables in only seconds. With no cumbersome, brittle ETL and data modeling, you can quickly refresh data and update models to keep business insights most current.

Incorta’s data store enforces the same row-level data security from NetSuite — making the rollout of new dashboards seamless — and Incorta also supports single sign-on (SSO) integration with NetSuite out of the box.

“We’ve struggled to do sophisticated reporting and analytics on NetSuite data. Now, we’re able to put on glasses and see much further than we’ve ever been able to see before because Incorta is bringing together all of our data.”


Key benefits for the technical team

Faster access to and use of analytics for NetSuite

Prepackaged reports, dashboards and KPIs deliver superior performance compared to other options, reducing reporting times from hours to just seconds without degrading the performance of other business applications.

Ability to easily connect and mash up multiple data sources

Real-time aggregation of data lets teams easily connect and analyze unified data from an unlimited number of internal and external data sources — even customized tables and records from both NetSuite and other applications — without forcing you to build a data warehouse or replicate data.

Up-to-the-minute business insight

Fast, easy analysis of the highly joined data common to Oracle applications — as well as data from other sources (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Marketo other planning systems, etc.) — gives users up-to-the-minute insight.

Streamlined security

There’s no need to maintain separate security policies for Incorta because it inherits the application user security configurations from NetSuite.

Flexible deployment to the cloud or on premises

A variety of options let you harness the power of the Incorta platform in the deployment manner you prefer.