BlackLine Account Reconciliations for Oracle Cloud ERP

Close faster by consolidating your data for reconciliation and exporting it to BlackLine.

Close faster and fix your fragmented financial close process, so you can reconcile with confidence. After consolidating your data in Incorta, you and business users can quickly resolve any transaction discrepancies. Send the data back to BlackLine in a secure format in near real-time or using scheduled data transfers. From BlackLine, you can also drill down into your subledger data in Incorta to support your decisions.

Business benefits

  • Faster period close. Leverage Incorta to get a snapshot of your near real-time cross-module and cross-ERP general ledger or subledger. This enables you and your business users to quickly review any time periods or areas that need attention.
  • Data consistency. You no longer need to use email, spreadsheets, phone calls, and other manual steps. Leverage our prebuilt dashboards to consolidate your data from Oracle Cloud ERP and other sources all in one place for fine grain analysis and reporting.
  • Native integration with BlackLine. You can bring your data through Incorta and into Blackline. You can also drill down from summary-level data in BlackLine to detailed subledger data in Incorta to support your matching and reconciliation decisions.
  • Multiple configurations. Harmonize across different charts of accounts and apply inclusion/exclusion and special conditional logic for any of the BlackLine keys. Standardized logic identifies active accounts and activity in-period, which you can modify.

Reporting dashboards

  • General ledger journal details drill dashboard
  • Subledger drill dashboards for accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, projects, and fixed assets

Supported BlackLine template

  • BlackLine Account Reconciliations