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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

CEO Scott Jones shares insights on Incorta being named in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics & BI Platforms. "The data warehousing paradigm can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s world."

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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

This producer of speciality medical devices uses Incorta to modernize their approach to data, resulting in accelerated reporting, more agile teamwork, & data-driven decision making.



Accelerating decision making with actionable insights delivered in real-time.

The leading global manufacturer of speciality medical devices needed dependable data to fulfil its promise of providing innovative solutions to over 30 countries and 120 markets worldwide. Finance leaders at the manufacturer needed a solution that could fill critical knowledge gaps by unifying analytics across systems, deliver actionable insights instantly, and illustrate key opportunities for expansion with clear, well-organized data.

With Incorta, this global leader can acquire, enrich and analyze billions of data points with immediacy and incisiveness. IT and Financial leaders are making real-time decisions with confidence by drilling down for transaction-level visibility across systems, sources, and solutions — with simplicity and full data fidelity. Incorta’s exclusive partnership with eCapital Advisors also helps finance professionals focus on revolutionizing financial planning and analysis, as well as streamlining processes in their supply chains

“ We’ve never been able to find an easy way to drill into our sub-ledgers to drive actionable insights for our business. Incorta unlocked this power for us and our executive team couldn’t be happier! ”

Using Incorta, this leading manufacturer benefited from:


Accelerated Reporting and Data-Driven Decision Making

Accounts payable/receivable data, enterprise asset data, general ledger analytics, and more are extracted, filtered, and loaded into appropriate channels instantly, saving teams hundreds of hours in wait times.


Unparalleled Visibility and Speed-to-Market

Data across a plethora of systems is harnessed and unified with immediacy and precision, offering actionable insights without the need for complex modelling and transformations.

Group 374

Greater focus on the strategic needs of the organization

Departments were able to share key information instantaneously, and gather data following mergers and acquisitions faster than ever before.

The Challenge

Taking action on siloed financial data and simplifying complicated systems.

With no real visibility into granular insights around accounts receivable analytics, the supplier of medical devices knew they were missing key opportunities for growth. They needed a solution that could deliver trends across segments, regions, and time zones, share insights around overdue balances, and generate exposure estimates for their top 20 customers with precision. Their existing technology stack also included complicated systems that kept them waiting hours and weeks for critical data due to outdated extraction and loading processes, and so they needed a solution that could accelerate reporting and simplify processes for faster outcomes.

The Solution

Faster, smarter data analytics that advance reporting and improve agility.

Incorta is the only data platform that can perform direct data mapping: the ability to gather and join data from anywhere across a technology stack—regardless of source, size, format, or complexity, and unify it without any need for complex and time-consuming data modelling or transformations. The Incorta Direct Data Platform’s ability to load data (from anywhere) and seamlessly tailor analytics to meet objectives, and offer actionable insights in real-time helps customers move faster than ever before. Incorta Blueprints make deploying modern analytics even faster via an extensive library of prebuilt solutions for Oracle EBS.

Users gain immediate access to rich content areas and sample dashboards that move the manufacturer forward with a modern

durable data store that feeds multiple workloads. Individual departments and users are able to answer their most pressing business questions with point-of-work, strategic decision-making, and data science—all without vendor lock-in.

Incorta partnered with leading data analytics management consulting firm eCapital Advisors to drive innovation in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and intelligent supply chains. Their domain expertise in robotic process automation (RPA) and Data-science help to deliver actionable insights that drive their customers businesses forward. This partnership gives businesses a competitive edge by deploying automated processes and transparency across sources, systems and networks.

The Results


Overall business success.

92% decrease in BI wait times with AR reports that took 19 hours to pull now only takes 1.5 hours in Incorta, a direct result of Incorta’s exclusive direct data mapping technology.

Over 200 million accounts receivable records were analyzed down to the penny giving their finance team the transparency they needed to take action exactly when and where it matters most for the manufacturers' bottom line.


Increased Agility and Productivity.

Accounts receivable ageing reporting increased from twice a month to daily, driven as a result of the accelerated approach to managing and uniting data across systems.

All master data that was previously managed offline is now being managed in Incorta, a direct result of Incorta’s ability to analyze billions of data points in real-time.

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