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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

CEO Scott Jones shares insights on Incorta being named in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics & BI Platforms. "The data warehousing paradigm can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s world."

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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

“This ability to read data in real-time, directly from SAP, is a breakthrough feature, which takes BI, data, and analytics to a completely new level in terms of the associated time and cost savings, reliability of data, and general ease of use. Business users who receive a single day of training are able to generate, customize, or modify any report without any IT or technical help.”

Using Incorta, Al-Watania benefited from


Faster Access to Accurate Insights

Incorta brings together data from different ERP systems to deliver the most up-to-date and reliable business perspective in minutes versus hours, or even days and months.


High-performance Dashboards

Business users can run queries of millions of records in a matter of minutes, with the power to drill down into details as necessary.


More Efficient use of Resources with True Self-service Analytics

With business users able to run, create, and update queries dashboards without IT assistance, Al-Watania has reallocated resources to more strategic projects and reduced outsourcing costs.

The Challenge

Poor usability, slow performance, and data issues made reporting unreliable.

Accessing data and creating reports and dashboards was essential to helping the Al-Watania team stay on top of operations. The company’s previous BI solution was slow and often delivered inconsistencies that made executives question the validity of the information. Loading data and query execution took too long, and running dashboards in real-time proved virtually impossible. Because the IT team had to rely on multiple SAP applications to develop the requested dashboards, the user interfaces were often complicated, making it difficult for business users, which further taxed costly IT resources.

The Solution

An analytics platform that helps solve real-time business challenges.

By implementing Incorta, over 50 business users across the organization have access to robust reporting and dashboards that draw from all corporate data systems and integrate with other BI visualization tools. Incorta uses direct data mapping for data sourcing, eliminating the unnecessary parts of ETL and allowing business users the ability to generate reports independently.
Data can be integrated from multiple enterprise sources,

including SAP software to create up-to-the-minute reports that enable real-time action. And business users have the power to create their own reports and dashboards easily. This allows their CEO to receive daily, weekly, and monthly dashboards to monitor the performance of all functions. At the same time, the manufacturing and operations team can monitor various parameters of livestock like weight, feed consumption, and other factors in real-time to reduce loss and maximize productivity.

The Results


Overall business success.

50% reduction in waste due to more timely reporting that enabled more efficient inventory movement and proactive promotion of items to avoid expiration loss.

Increased profitability as a result of real-time profitability analysis and detailed sales performance monitoring that facilitates data-driven decision-making.


More informed operations.

50% reduction in animal mortality with faster delivery of abnormal indicator reports that allowed the poultry health department to take quick corrective measures.

Better data consistency as a result of being able to integrate data from both sales and financial systems into a singular report for more accurate net sales and gross profit calculations.


Ease of use.

$215,000 saving in annual IT operational cost by enabling business users to easily update or change reports versus requiring the help of a costly consultant.

From 15 minutes to seconds, Incorta has radically sped up running a query compared to using Lumira2.1. Plus users now have access to drill down functionality.

2-hour installation and migration of the sales dashboard enabled analysis of 8 million records and gave sales managers immediate and unprecedented insights into their business.

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