Incorta Analytics for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE)

Better, faster, easier JDE reporting and analytics that’s up and running in only a day.

With our new Blueprints, Incorta gives Oracle JDE EnterpriseOne customers a new, faster, more effective option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling or ETL required. Users get instant access to up-to-date, consolidated ERP data and can build all of the high-performance reports they need—on their own—without waiting for IT support.












Watch this short demo to see for yourself how easy the Incorta for Oracle JDE Blueprint makes it to analyze and report upon complex, JDE-driven data.


Pre-Built Incorta Content Accelerates Your JDE Analytics Initiatives

The idea of implementing data analytics on thousands of complex, interrelated tables in Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne historically strains an organization's development capabilities. The projects are long, expensive, and exceptionally challenging implementations. But they don’t have to be.

Via the new Incorta “Blueprint”—a quick-start kit that helps accelerate the process of setting up, connecting to, analyzing, and reporting upon complex data sources and use cases—Incorta partner Alithya now can help you easily, affordably analyze and report on operational data from JDE. The best news of all? You don't have to waste time transforming and remodeling your data to take advantage of Incorta’s analytics! 

Alithya’s knowledge of JDE schemas can help you more quickly integrate multiple data sources and spend less time modeling, leaving you more time to analyze your JDE data. Together, Alithya and Incorta can help you enjoy a faster time-to-value (TTV) than you can with a traditional enterprise analytics tool—without slowing down other business applications.

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