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Navigating the GenAI Landscape: How Incorta Paves the Way at Google Next

If you were at Google Next in Las Vegas last week, you likely found yourself inundated with conversations about Generative AI, with the term seemingly marked on every booth and echoed in countless educational sessions. The buzz surrounding Generative AI is palpable, promising transformative potential across industries. However, amid the excitement, a crucial question emerges: Is your organization’s data infrastructure primed for the GenAI revolution?

For many, the answer is uncertain and daunting. Fortunately, amidst the whirlwind of possibilities, Incorta is focused on making GenAI a success in your business, offering clarity and direction on how to ready your organization’s data for the impending wave of GenAI innovations.

At the heart of any GenAI endeavor lies the necessity for robust data access. Without access to comprehensive and diverse datasets, the efficacy of Generative AI models remains constrained. Incorta, with its operational lakehouse, provides live, detailed access to complex, multi-source ERP data, including Oracle EBS and Fusion data, directly integrated into Google BigQuery.

Founded by Oracle experts, Incorta’s operational lakehouse represents a paradigm shift in data accessibility, bridging the gap between disparate data sources and empowering organizations to harness the full potential of Generative AI. Only Incorta lets you train your models on all your detailed operational data, laying a solid foundation for your GenAI journey and actually making your models useful.

As the GenAI revolution gathers momentum, the importance of robust data infrastructure cannot be overstated. With Incorta leading the charge, organizations can navigate the complexities of the GenAI landscape with ease, embracing the future with optimism and readiness.

Want to learn more about Incorta and Google’s solution for GenAI? Join us April 24th for a webinar where we’ll discuss the challenges organizations face in integrating GenAI across their enterprises and solutions for establishing a strong data foundation. Save your spot!