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Announcing Incorta X, our next-generation analytics engine, purpose-built for generative AI adoption and for decision intelligence with machine learning.

Incorta, from its inception, was built and architected to be a unified data and analytics platform, an end-to-end platform where data acquisition to analytic insights is a unified experience and fully managed within a single product with a semantic layer, observability and data governance seamlessly built in.  It was built to support enterprises with multiple ERP’s and relational data to have a simplified data pipeline with no need for dimension modeling, while providing near real time refreshes of the most granular transactional data.

This was contrary to the promise during the hype cycle of the modern data stack, where best of breed solutions were being integrated to address individual parts of the data and analytics pipeline. Even putting aside the limitations of dimension modeling, this approach is clearly showing its limitations, especially with mid-size organizations that do not have the army of data engineers and consultants to pull this together. Further complicating this is the problem of a disjointed and fragmented user experience.

I believe we are seeing a movement towards a Modern Data Stack 2.0,  best of breed lakehouses with interoperability and open standards built on cloud service provider ecosystems. We already see a movement towards interoperability between table formats, making open lakehouses the future for data and analytics platforms.

Incorta was an early adopter of the open delta table format for its data persistence, building its own proprietary extensions to handle deduplication at scale. With the ability to read and write to delta table format, it provides all the benefits that one has come to expect with a lakehouse architecture. In many ways, we fit the label of a lakehouse from very early in Incorta’s journey. 

Incorta X – A next generation operational lakehouse

With Incorta’s latest release 2024.1, we are excited to launch Incorta X, our next generation analytics engine, purpose built for generative AI adoption and for decision intelligence with machine learning. It takes Incorta’s direct data mapping engine and complements it with a Spark based orchestration layer to provide a two headed query engine that is scalable, performant and SQL compliant. 

“Incorta pioneers a differentiated approach to data access and usability for the non-technical data consumer. This latest release will enable our business users to build and revise models with reduced IT support. With properly structured data sets, more complex questions can be answered quickly and ultimately provide business decisions with positive outcomes,” Donovan Figueira and Amreen Toor at ASP Analytics.

From query acceleration for external visualization tools to curated, logical datasets for Incorta dashboards, this new platform enhances our current offering and will be the foundation for several other enhancements to come in 2024.

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With the latest release of Incorta X comes a rich set of capabilities that make Incorta a best of breed operational lakehouse, with a strong foundation for several additional enhancements over the next 6 – 12 months. 

Here are a few capabilities with the Incorta X platform we are most excited about in this new release:

Augmented Analytics: 

Introducing the Incorta Copilot, an OpenAI/ChatGPT integration that brings the power of generative AI to various parts of the platform, including generating dashboard insights and storyboards using natural language. Ask natural language questions on top of your ERP datasets and generate new insights and data stories.

Machine Learning:

A notebook IDE, purpose built for data teams. Now data teams, data scientists and business users building ad-hoc dashboards can all coexist in the same analytics platform and benefit from the synergies of working together on curated datasets without any data movement.

Advanced Modeling:

Introducing Incorta Data Studio, a low-code data enrichment tool available as a public preview. With the data Data Studio, data engineers can leverage a visual drag and drop interface to generate and deploy pySpark materialized views without writing code. 

Query Accelerator: 

A new advanced SQL interface that is performant, fully Spark SQL compliant and serves as a query acceleration layer for Tableau, Power BI, Looker Data Studio, spreadsheet and other last mile visualization tools.

In addition to the Incorta X capabilities, the 2024.1 release is rich with several customer requested features across the board, further enhancing the rich data and analytical capabilities in the product. For a complete list of new capabilities, refer to our 2024.1 release notes.

Also, please register to join us for this upcoming virtual event where we will delve deeper into the Incorta X platform, new capabilities in the latest release and a sneak peek at our future roadmap for 2024. Register now!