Coffee retailer analyzes 32k locations in real time

With Incorta and Microsoft Azure, the world’s largest coffee retailer analyzes billions of daily transactions in real time

  • 40%

    decrease in food production cost

  • $35M

    annual savings in inventory carrying costs

  • 99%

    reduction in time to deliver reports


Lack of insight into performance across locations and gift card transactions

Our customers realized that they needed timely, comprehensive access to data across all locations, like the cost of goods sold at a granular, transactional level: by product, region, store and week, to elevate operations. Improving visibility into their multiple lines of business would sharpen the supply chain and help them choose the right products for the right places for stronger profitability. They also needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly with one of their primary technology providers: Microsoft.


Next-generation data analytics that offer profit-boosting insights in real time

Incorta is the only data platform that can perform direct data mapping: the ability to gather and join data from anywhere across a technology stack — regardless of source, size, format or complexity, and unify it without any need for complex and time-consuming data modeling or transformations. Our platform’s ability to load data (from anywhere) and seamlessly process and tailor analytics to meet objectives, and offer actionable insights in real time, helps customers move faster than ever before.

During a proof of concept, this leading global retailer saw Incorta extract and deliver billions of data points with ease, immediately realizing the speed and value of unified analytics. Incorta’s integrations with today’s major cloud technologies give brands unparalleled flexibility and control of their data. Incorta even allows brands to enable stickier, more advanced Azure Data Services such as cognitive services, bots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is because Incorta can extract data from a brand’s original application and/or data store and bring it into a single location in standard Parquet format for seamless management in Microsoft Azure and other programs.

Increased agility and productivity

80% decrease in project time to completion — with this brand’s 12-month project completed in just 10 weeks with Incorta — driven as a result of our accelerated approach to managing and uniting data across systems.

360° visibility for stronger profitability reporting

Over 35 billion gift card transactions analyzed, giving this retailer access to billions of records spanning over 20 years that expose hidden profits associated with gift card use (remaining balances, repeat purchases, etc.).

Over 20,000 SKUs were analyzed at an individual level, with Incorta giving each category manager the power to generate their own reporting and share key insights about individual product profitability.

Overall business success

32,000 locations worldwide analyzed in real time, improving this retailer’s awareness of which goods and services perform best across individual stores, regions, audiences and campaigns.
Smarter, data-driven business practices, created as a result of consistent findings made possible by Incorta’s comprehensive analytics scaled across all lines of business.

Incorta for operational analytics