Real-time insights help STC

Incorta empowers business users by connecting data across five systems of record

  • 8

    different data sources

  • $600K

    in annual cost savings


Siloed data and systems lead to poor visibility and performance

Solutions by stc was using multiple data sources to monitor information about client-side network nodes, with each source containing millions of records. Whenever a client called with a problem in their network, agents had to investigate five systems separately to find the source. This process could take hours — and that’s before they could begin resolving the issue or respond to the customer with final solutions and actions. As a result, agents were often overrunning KPIs for response and resolution time. In addition, solutions by stc was using the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) tool to develop weekly and monthly reports about each client’s nodes and network status. But each report took two to three days to complete — making the task near impossible to do while clients were on the line.


A platform that accelerates resolution and delivers insights

The team at solutions by stc chose Incorta because it is the only tool that can read directly from different sources without data modeling and ETL to deliver near real-time analytics. Implementing Incorta allowed solutions by stc to give call center agents a single pane, 360-degree view into all systems in sub-seconds. This drastically reduces resolution time for client-side issues as well as customer churn, while improving key KPIs such as customer satisfaction. The deployment took less than two weeks, with migration from old reports to new ones completed within two months.

The company will be expanding Incorta’s footprint to the rest of its functions, including its Oracle ERP and Salesforce CRM systems. With Incorta as its sole data warehouse, solutions by stc expects to improve average revenue per user (ARPU) by gaining a better understanding of customers across different products and services, and growing revenue through insight-driven upsells and targeted marketing campaigns. The company also expects to increase customer retention rates by providing a better experience based on individual customer understanding.

Immediate ROI

$600K annual savings through immediate reduction of professional services costs.

Faster time to-insights. Delivering the latest data in minutes with rapid, incremental refreshes and eliminating ETL/ELT processes.

Increased revenue and market share resulting from upsells, ARPU gains, improved SLAs, cost optimization and enhanced customer experiences.

Accelerated insights

300% reduction in troubleshooting time due to accelerated agent access to data across all systems with a 360-degree, single-pane view.

2x faster reporting thanks to the rapid loading of data from multiple sources into a single view.

From 20 minutes to 5 for live dashboard refresh, ensuring more accurate, near real-time data to power better customer support.